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While you’re packing your bikini away for another year, the City of Kelowna is planning a dog-gone good summer for 2017.

Kelowna residents have been asking the city to create more dog-friendly beaches around Lake Okanagan.  Places where dogs can romp in the sand and swim in the water without breaking any by-laws.  The City has complied and would like to designate three new beaches where owners and their pups can while away the hours.

The move has the support of about half Kelowna residents.  Council pushed through the idea because its working to create a vibrant downtown area by making the city centre a more attractive place to live. Keeping dog-owning downtown-dwellers happy is part of this plan.

There has just been one beach area in

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Life in 300 square feet is compact, efficient and affordable for many Kelowna condo buyers. Tiny condos, or micro-condos demand a minimalist lifestyle and the patience of a saint no matter how well-designed the unit is.

The thought of life in a small space and the accompanying price tag could be very attractive to some but how sustainable is conducting your entire life in an area the size of some people's living room?

What You Need to Consider

Super-small condo units are very trendy, put on the market by builders and developers who advertise these homes as being affordable alternatives. It's hitting a mark in Kelowna as first-time buyers looking for entry-level condos, who can't afford the exorbitant prices in Vancouver, are very attracted to

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As the Okanagan enjoyed sizzling temperatures in August, the number of residential sales dropped somewhat over the previous month in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan region. No surprise as purchasing a home isn't always a priority during summer holidays or getting kids back to school or settled at university.

The Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board's (OMREB) latest report shows that there were 1,020 transactions in August, down 22 over July which is a 2.1% decrease. However, checking the stats from August 2015, sales are up by 25.8%. In Kelowna, sales were 27.8% higher than they were a year ago.

Kelowna and the Central Okanagan region accounted for 74% of all sales last month across the Okanagan.

August Slow Downs Inevitable


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