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The web is filled with information designed to help first-time home buyers successfully navigate the home buying process, but first-time home sellers are not as fortunate. Just like buyers, however, homeowners who are selling their home for the first time are sure to have questions and need information to help them. If you a first-time homeowner preparing to sell your home, the following guide will answer your questions and help you work toward a more successful sale.  

Find a real estate professional to assist you

One of the first decisions prospective home sellers must make concerns the hiring of a real estate professional. Here are a few valuable services a real estate agent brings to the table:

  • Professional assistance in preparing the
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How to Prepare for a Move in SummerSummer is the time of year when many people buy new homes and move. Packing to move while simultaneously buying a home can be overwhelming, but staying organized, getting an early start and approaching the process in a methodical manner can help make home buying a less stressful event.

Get Started Early

Start packing as soon as the decision is made to buy a home, even if the event is still months away. Getting an early start will ensure that a buyer will have enough time to get rid of your clutter and pack all belongings carefully. Starting early also helps reduce stress as the sale of the house draws near.

Get Rid of Clutter

While it may be tempting to get rid of home clutter by throwing it away, there are better ways to get rid of the

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Small Lawn Curb Appeal Curb appeal is critical when it’s time to sell a home. As a home seller, knowing how to dress up a small yard and show off its strengths can help to make a home more appealing to buyers. If home staging efforts are successful, sellers may be able to sell their homes more quickly and for more money.

Make It One Big Garden

In a very small yard, small patches of grass can seem a little out of place. One way to make a yard look more natural is to remove the grass and turn the entire patch of lawn into one large garden. Install plants, shrubs and flowers. Leave space between the plants to create a sense of order and prevent the garden from feeling too crowded. Spread out mulch between the plants to finish the job.

Distract With Colour

Planting a

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