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How to Stage Your Home For Home SellingStaging a home enables buyers to envision themselves living in your space. For some sellers, staging means hiring a company to come in, redecorate the entire home, and place fresh, new furniture in every room. For others, staging rearranging furniture, repainting, and doing other economically prudent tricks. Home staging, regardless of how the seller goes about it, will give the seller an edge in competitive markets like Dilworth Mountain. When selling your home, keep these staging tips in mind.

Boost Curb Appeal

As the saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." From the moment a potential buyer walks up the driveway, they are forming an opinion of your home based on the curb appeal that has been prepared. Does

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Guide to the Process of Buying a HomeIf you're a new home buyer, the process of choosing and buying a house can be a little intimidating. Picking the right home can be a challenge if you've never shopped for properties before. Knowing what to look for and how to prioritize can help you pick a first home that you'll love for many years to come.  

Know Your Must-Haves

Before you can begin a search for your perfect home, be it in Black Mountain or elsewhere, you'll need a list of must-haves. Populate this list with items you'll want your house to have right away, without needing to pay for a renovation.

  • Consider household growth. Buy a home that can accommodate more individuals so you won't be stuck selling your first home if your family grows. 
  • Consider your commute time
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How to Handle a Bad Home InspectionThe home inspection can be a frustrating part of the home buying process, especially when that report comes back with issues. For home buyers, a bad inspection may seem like a deal breaker, but you don't have to give up that dream property. The key is to understand what a home inspection is and to know what to do if the inspection report comes back with serious issues.

Home Inspection Basics

Without a Property Condition Statement (PCS), also called a Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS) and/or a Property Disclosure Statement from the seller, the homebuyer will want to insist upon a home inspection by a certified property inspector.

A pre-purchase home inspection offers homebuyers the opportunity to discover any issues with the

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