August 2017

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What to Know About Down PaymentsOne of the larger expenses you must pay when you buy a home is the down payment. You might think you have to pay at least 20 percent, but there are options to pay less. With this information, you can determine what you will be required to pay, and how to decide whether to pay the minimum or more.

Paying a Standard Down Payment

For decades, lenders have held a standard down payment to be 20 percent or more. Lenders believe that if you share a significant stake in the ownership of the home, you will be more committed to paying the mortgage. If you apply for a mortgage with this kind of down payment, you will pay one-fifth of the home's sale price. As a result, you will hold that much equity in the home. A standard down payment is ideal for most

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How to Deal with a Termite Infestation in the HomeTermites are pesky little critters, but they don't like to socialize except with their own kind. Despite their variety and widespread existence throughout the world, you might never see them until they have caused extensive damage to your home.

There are more than 2,000 distinct species, but only about 50 of them are found in the United States. Termites of one kind or another, however, are found in all 50 states, except Alaska. Damage figures vary greatly, but it is estimated that termites cost homeowners between $1-7 million each year. Typically, a homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend approximately $3,000 for treatment and repair.

Termites 101

As odd as it may seem, termites "in the wild" are considered beneficial insects,

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How to Landscape a Yard for Home SellingHomeowners who are serious about selling their home quickly are smart to focus a great deal of their attention on landscaping and curb appeal. That's right, sellers can have the latest trending features inside the home, but if it lacks curb appeal, buyers might not give it a second look. The outside of a home is the first chance to define the potential that awaits potential buyers inside, while enabling sellers to ensure that their home stands out, especially in competitive markets like Dilworth Mountain.

Setting Priorities

It's easy to find yourself devoting time, money and effort toward getting the interior of your home ready. After all, you want potential home buyers to visualize themselves living – and loving – your home enough to want to

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