January 2018

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Your Guide to Home WarrantiesHome warranties can be used to protect both brand-new and resale homes from a number of different threats. From faulty construction to shoddy appliance installation, warranties give homeowners a recourse besides dipping into their own home savings. But home warranties are different depending on where the home is purchased, and they're always going to be a worst-case scenario. Learn more about the basics before pulling the trigger on a home sale.

The Process

There's a bit of a process to warranties that buyers should be aware of. Even in the case of clear negligence on the part of a construction crew, it will involve several steps to get something fixed. So if a buyer moves into the home only to find that their drainage isn't working properly,

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How to Navigate Home Buying Contingencies and NegotiationsContingencies are a way for home buyers to learn more about the home and its seller between the time they make an offer to the time the property is officially transferred. These conditions range from financial considerations to home inspections to inclusions of specific property in the sale. The demands buyers can make depend heavily on the market, the popularity of a neighborhood, and the seller's expectations, but there are several contingencies you should at least be aware of before visiting an open house.

Understanding How Contingencies Work

An official Offer to Purchase is a promise made by the buyer to pay a certain amount of money for a given property. It can be made with no stipulations, or it can be made with conditions. Technically,

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Home Improvements and Upgrades: Hire a Professional or DIY?Homeowners considering taking on a few projects around the house may be wondering if they can handle it themselves with a few tools and perhaps a set of helping hands. Of course, many are also wondering how to know when to hire a professional contractor for certain complex or high-risk home upgrades. Before heading to the hardware store or searching for contractors, take these aspects into consideration.

Evaluating DIY Capabilities

By taking an honest assessment of their skills before undertaking any project, Rutland North homeowners can determine if they have ‘the right stuff' to successfully complete the work. Essential questions one should ask themselves include:

  • What skill level is required, and do I have it what it take?
  • How
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