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Paperwork Associated with a Home SaleOne of the most confusing parts of the home selling process is the paperwork. Selling real estate is a process that requires extensive documentation, much of it written in confusing legal language. Knowing what to expect when you sell your home can quell any nervousness that you feel about the selling process, and can also help you make the right decisions when trying to sell.

Listing Contract

A listing contract is an agreement that you make with your listing brokerage. Once signed, the contract cannot be broken or taken back unless specified in the contract. The listing contract names the responsibilities of the licensee as well as the responsibilities of the homeowner. Homeowners are responsible for providing accurate information about the

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Tips for Resolving Home Roofing ProblemsHome roofing damage can present a number of concerns, and some are far more serious than others. However, resolving home roofing problems of any kind right away is often essential to protecting the structural soundness of the home in addition to interiors spaces, as well as helping to sell the home. Here are some common issues along with a few roof damage tips to get homeowners started on repairs.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Missing, torn or broken shingles are typically obvious upon a quick visual inspection. However, some other types of shingle damage may require a more keep eye to detect. Both asphalt and wood shingles eventually wear down due to natural forces such as hail, wind damage, falling debris and foot traffic. Signs can include

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How Buyer Motivations Influence the Sale of a Vacation HomePlanning to sell a vacation home is an exciting time for Canadian home buyers. However, there are a few differences when selling a vacation home that buyers should be aware of, as the process differs from selling a primary residence. Those who have only sold their primary residence in the past may be surprised at how buyers approach the purchase of a vacation home. Sellers who understand the minds of vacation home buyers may be able to more easily motivate an approved potential buyer to make an offer.

Get inside the mind of potential vacation home buyers and speed up the sales process today.

Vacation Home Buyer Profile

A survey of vacation home buyers provide a number of details that may be useful for sellers of a vacation home. Vacation

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