June 2018

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Did You Factor In Closing Costs?It is not only the down payment that should be a concern for prospective Canadian homebuyers. Closing costs can come up to a not inconsiderable sum, and may be as much as 4 per cent of the selling price of a Canadian home. Those looking to buy a home need to account for the fees and expenses associated with closing on a home. In many instances, payment is required prior to closing.

Understand more about closing costs and the need to budget for specific fees before taking the steps to purchase a home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Closing Costs: Deposit and Down Payment

Closing costs may vary depending on whether or not prospective

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What Sellers Need to Know About a Buyer's MarketWhen a real estate market is flooded with homes, buyers can afford to be choosey. Sellers, however, may see themselves at a disadvantage in a buyer's market, because buyers are able to choose from more available properties and are more likely to include contingencies within a contract. However, it is not necessarily a bad time to sell a home if it is a buyer's market. Sellers simply need to know what to expect from potential buyers and understand how to navigate the market when selling a home.

Learn more about selling a home in a buyer's market today.

What Is a Buyer's Market?

In a buyer's market, there is more supply of houses than demand. Because of this, home buyers can choose to be more selective about the homes they purchase, which

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5 Essential Tips for Buying a Home in a Seller's MarketIn a seller’s market, there are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes for sale, creating a lot of competition between the buyers. For a seller, this is a fantastic time to list a home. But for a buyer, it can a difficult time because the market moves so quickly that buying a good home can feel like an impossible feat. Fortunately, it’s not impossible, but it can still be hard, so buyers need to know what to do in advance. Here are X tips all buyers should know before heading into a seller’s market.

Time is Of The Essence

Between tiring obligations like work and school, it can be easy to push home viewings to the weekend. However, buyers who are serious about finding a home need to go to showings as soon as they see a home with

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