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Key Considerations in Refinancing a Home LoanThrough their many loan products, lenders allow homeowners to refinance their home loan and secure better terms. Through this process, homeowners may acquire a lower interest rate, saving themselves lots of money across the life of their loan. Or they may simply unlock equity in their home to cover an upcoming large purchase, such as home improvements. Before taking this step, however, it is important for Kelowna North homeowners to learn all the key things to know about refinancing a home loan. Get started with this guide.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage or home loan professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Refinancing Comes with Potentially High Costs

Before homeowners

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Best Local Coffee in KelownaWhether you're on the hunt for a quick brew or want a calm, inviting atmosphere to read a book with a mug for a few hours, Kelowna has a variety of coffee shop options to meet your needs. Kelowna isn't a city known for its specialty coffees, but there are great options here in town if you know where to look. We decided to make your coffee search easier by picking our top 5 coffee shops in Kelowna so that you can pick the best one for your mood and needs.

Pulp Fiction Coffee House

Address: Pulp Fiction Coffee House, 1598 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1P4, Canada

Pulp Fiction Coffee House lives up to its name and then some. On top of serving coffee, tea, espresso drinks, and breakfast, Pulp Fiction also houses Britannia Antiques, Art Deco Nouveau,

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What to Know Before Buying a Historic HomeKelowna North home buyers don’t have to be history buffs in order to buy a historic home. Historic homes are available to anyone who has the proper budget and is willing to work to maintain it. But what exactly is a historic home? These homes are buildings historic figures have lived in or where historic events have taken place. If living in this sort of home sounds like a dream come true, the next step is to understand what goes into owning a historic home. Here are some of the things buyers need to consider before purchasing a historic home.

Historic Homes Often Require Renovating

While it’s possible to find a historic home with the work already done, more often, historic homes are sold as fixer-upper homes. Buyers need to have a good idea of

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What Restaurants Deliver in Kelowna?While pizza and wings are a staple takeout choice, there are actually a wide variety of delivery options here in Kelowna. You're not limited to just pizza or Chinese food, and there are many local restaurants you can support during your night in. Here are some of the top local delivery restaurants in Kelowna.

Zabb Thai Restaurant

Address: Zabb Thai Restaurant, 3005 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1W2, Canada

Thai food has this great balance of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy that is hard to beat. You can eat light with a spicy mango salad or tuck into a large plate of noodles or pineapple fried rice. Zabb Thai Restaurant has a Mission and Rutland location, so you can pick the most convenient location for you. Delivery is only available after 4:30pm

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How to Create a Backyard Space Everyone Will LoveUpdating a backyard is an investment in the quality of life for residents. So many homeowners don't make use of their outdoor space, even though the yard can be just as valuable as the kitchen or the bedrooms. Those who want to renovate the backyard should keep the following ideas in mind.

Just Add Water

Water in the backyard can come in the form of anything from a birdbath to a rain garden to a fountain. Homeowners can create a relaxing place for people to decompress. Those who want to save their pennies for the larger structure can consider adding a rain barrel or building a system to redistribute the water from the gutters to the garden. This tactic will nourish the flowers and clease the air at the same time. Water works best in the shaded

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3 Window Types Perfect For Your HomeWindows let the light and air into a Joe Rich home. The shape can change a home’s look and give it personality that it didn’t have before. There are many different types of windows homeowners can choose for their home. Each of them have different appearances and features, such as how wide it can open or how it opens. Homeowners who are looking for new windows need to know the different types they can choose from. Here are some of the most popular window types and what makes them great choices for a home.

Double- and Single-Hung Windows

Most homeowners are already familiar with double- and single-hung windows, even if they don’t know them by name. These windows are some of the most popular windows for homes. The difference between the two is that

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What You Need to Know Before Renting Your HomeRenting a Glenrosa home to a tenant is a big responsibility. If it's your first time being a landlord, you may have a lot to learn in order to be successful. You'll need to know how to make the home attractive and comfortable for your tenants. You'll also need to learn how to treat your tenants fairly and lawfully, according to the laws of your province. These tips can help you become a better landlord to your future tenants.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Prepare the Home

Before the home can be occupied by tenants, it must first be made ready. There are many things a landlord can do to prepare their future home for tenants.


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How to Decide If Age-Restricted Communities Are Right for YouThere are laws in Canada that prevent HOAs from placing age restrictions on housing, but the one exception to these regulations is made for senior living. Considering the rising population of retirees, age-restricted communities are popping up at record rates in practically every corner of the country. Before a Joe Rich homebuyer chooses this option, it helps to understand the reality of these communities. Learn more about both the perks and potential disadvantages before getting a down payment together.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Learning the Age Laws

Some communities are obviously designed with seniors in mind. Their marketing

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Agent Warning Signs You Should KnowAll Glenmore home buyers and sellers need to work with a real estate agent. However, many buyers and sellers may not know when to start when looking for the agent who is right for them. Every agent is different, and there are agents who will be a good match for a buyer or seller, and there are agents who will be a bad match—it’s just a matter of determining which is which. Here are some important red flags everyone needs to know about before hiring an agent.

The Agent Works Part-Time

Like any job, in order to truly be an expert, the worker needs to do the job all the time—not just on weekends or when they’re free. Being a real estate agent is a profession that requires a lot of time and effort to learn. If an agent says they only work part-time,

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What to Know About Interest Rates When Buying a HomeWhile finding the perfect home may not always be challenging for Glenrosa buyers, the in-depth processes necessary to complete a sale transaction usually are somewhat formidable. Some of the most misunderstood aspects of buying a home involve finances—particularly within the realm of choosing the right kind of mortgage and calculating interest costs over the course of the loan. With this in mind, we offer a guide to understanding more about mortgage loans and interest rates in Canada.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Mortgage Payment and Interest Considerations

Most buyers are aware of the basic concept of mortgages, even if they are first-time

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