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Best Eco-Friendly Building MaterialsAs the environment becomes a greater source of concern for homeowners across the country, many are turning to environmentally friendly materials to build their homes. As the demand for green building materials has grown, so have the number of choices.

These days, Lakeview Heights homeowners can reduce their energy usage and their carbon footprint by building with sustainable materials like smart products, locally sourced stone and low flow bathroom fixtures. In addition to improving quality of life and helping the environment, these products also improve property values and make homes more desirable when the time comes to sell. Here's what homeowners need to know.

Locally Sourced Stone

Stone is an environmentally friendly material for a

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A Guide to DIY Home Pest RemediationHaving pests in a home isn't fun, and a homeowner who finds them will want to get rid of them quickly and keep them from coming back inside. Fortunately, there are many good DIY ways to do that so that a professional doesn't need to be hired. While sometimes a professional is necessary, they can be costly. It's often easier and far less expensive to take the DIY approach to getting pests out of a Kettle Valley new home and keeping them out. Here are some of the most important things for any homeowner to consider when choosing DIY options for home pest removal.

There are DIY Options to Get Rid of Pests

Most homeowners can DIY for most pest situations. They don't have to call in the pros for a pest situation in their home, and there are plenty

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Is adding insulation a DIY project and if so, what type is best?The Canadian government and most home builders suggests that increasing or improving the insulation in attics, floors, and walls and reducing air leaks around the home can save up to 20% or more on home heating and cooling bills. In addition to cutting down on heating and cooling bills, a well insulated home will often sell more money as well. With a little math, homeowners can quickly learn how an insulation project can pay for itself. However, is an insulation a project one can take on by themselves? How is the value of insulation measured and what types of insulation works best for specific areas of the home?

Is Installing Insulation a DIY Project?

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association says that installing insulation is a

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3 Must-Read Tips For Selling a Home With PetsWhen selling a home, every homeowner wants to do whatever they can to help ensure that it finds the right buyer. However, some things can make selling a home a bit trickier, especially selling a home in a buyers market. Owning pets can be one of those things that might make selling a home more difficult.

But how can a seller make their home the best it can be to sell without resorting to something drastic like giving up their beloved pets? There are a few strategies homeowners an use to make their home appealing to all buyers while keeping pets where they belong.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. Remove Pets From the Home During

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What You Need to Know About Household SafetyMaintaining a safe household can improve quality of life. But what's involved in maintaining a safe household? Performing proper maintenance, conducting regular inspections and purchasing household products and fixtures that focus on safety can help make the home a safer place to live. The following tips can help homeowners who would like to improve household safety.

Be Fire Safe

Fire safety is critical in any house. Smoking is the leading cause of fire-related household deaths, while cooking is the leading cause of household fires in Canada. There are many ways that homeowners in Canada can protect themselves from household fires.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are best installed in each room and in hallways. Homeowners must test

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5 Home Security System TipsEnsuring the security of ones Canadian home is an important goal for homeowners. These tips help people determine which home security system will be right for them.

1. Make a List of Needs

Home security systems offer a variety of protections available for homeowners. People will have an easier time sorting through what is possible if they first create a list of what they expect from a home security system. Homeowners should walk through their day and identify moments when they need security most, including:

  • travel
  • protecting valuable items
  • security while at home

This discussion should involve all members of the household including any older children and teenagers who may be entering or exiting the home at different times.

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Your Guide to Mold RemovalMold isn't just a nuisance for a Canadian homeowner, but an expensive health hazard that can get out of control quickly. Because it can hide in nooks and crannies all over the home, mold remediation can become complicated for a homeowner quickly. Learn more about how mold can affect residents and what can be done about it.

Safety First

Mold and mildew are both the product of too much moisture in the air. Unlike mildew though, mold can't be killed with simple surface cleaners. When homeowners know they have mold in their home, their first step should be to keep everyone away from it. Illnesses caused by mold typically present as cold-like symptoms, so anyone with a mysterious cough or sore throat should be taken to a doctor immediately.

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How to Get the Best Lighting in Each of Your RoomsMany homeowners forget the importance of their lighting until they're in a different environment. Soft lighting has the potential to calm the nerves while harsher lighting may inadvertently make a resident feel anxious. When going through each room, there are tips to keep in mind regarding both the practical aspects of lighting as well as some of the less tangible ways that an overhead glare may influence residents. Many lighting upgrades and changes can be done by a homeowner, while other more complicated lighting jobs should be left to the professionals.

Living Room Lighting

From watching a movie to reading a book, living room lighting should be designed to handle a variety of activities. Interior decorators suggest layering the light. When

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Roofing Material Maintenance: What Every Homeowner Needs to KnowRoofing maintenance is important for maximizing a roof's service life. Different types of roofing materials are maintained in different ways. Here are different roofing materials and how to maintain them for a longer life.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are often among the easiest to maintain types of roofing material. Metal roofs are smooth so that leaves, pine needles and organic debris often roll off the roof into the gutters. Gutters for metal roofs need to be cleaned regularly because they can fill easily. Low slope metal roofs may need to be cleaned periodically. Homeowners with a metal roof should have their roof inspected once every two years to ensure that the screws that hold the roof are tight and secure, and that the caulking is holding

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Seek character, proven talent and customer focus when selling a homeBefore selecting a real estate agent to market a home, it it is wise for sellers to consider just what is necessary to find a qualified buyer. Sellers should also consider what it takes for a real estate agent to move an offer to acceptance and then to closing. A real estate professional has numerous responsibilities to assure that every transaction progresses as seamlessly as possible from listing to final resolution. The value of customer service in all Canadian real estate transactions cannot be overstated.

Attention to Details

Canadian real estate agents need an awareness of the real estate market, whether it's a buyers market or a sellers market. An effective agent must understand basic advertising and promotion. They must also pay

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