Common Home Architectural Styles in Canada

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 10:40am.

5 Home Architectural Styles in CanadaCanada has embraced a number of different architectural styles throughout the years. The sheer number of choices provides buyers the opportunity to express their personality and practicality through their choice of homes. Homeowners starting their home buying journey can use this guide to get a better idea of what they'll find and how they can evaluate which style is right for them and their families.

The Quaint Cottage

Home buyers with not many occupants can benefit from the smaller cottages in their area. Fewer rooms in a cottage translate to less home maintenance and cleaning. Cottages in Canada typically come complete with a front porch and an attic, so residents can still get the storage and outdoor space they need to enjoy the home. Cottage style homes have charming touches that will make buyers instantly fall in love. A cozy breakfast book or large picture window can help guests and residents alike feel welcomed and at home.

The Convenient Ranch

The one-story ranch eliminates the need to run up and down the stairs multiple times when getting ready in the morning. Perfect for little ones learning to walk or older people with health ailments, a ranch offers an open layout that everyone can enjoy. Ranches were originally developed to provide an easy way for ranchers to attend to their livestock in the event of an emergency. They often come complete with an outdoor space, such as a deck or patio.

The Tried-and-True Traditional

Counterintuitively, traditional homes merge several styles together. The goal is to streamline construction while still adding the aesthetic qualities that give the home character. A traditional home is typically defined by its symmetry. The door will be in the middle with an equal number of windows on either side. They normally have a cover over the door to protect residents and guests from the weather, instantly creating a feeling of being welcomed into the residence. Traditional homes offer space and an attractive exterior for a reasonable price.

The Marvelous Modern

Modern homes tend to be on the minimal side when it comes to ornamentation. Home buyers won't find a lot of decorations or facades, but they will find plenty of interesting angles on the outside and inside of the home. These homes experiment with shadows, corners, and contrast to inspire and energize their inhabitants. The blueprints take into account everything from the angle of the setting sun to the surrounding landscape. Modern homes stray toward the luxury end of the spectrum. It's common to find materials such as marble or granite in the kitchens or bathrooms. Modern homes may also have more modern building technology than other home styles.

The Curious Craftsman

Craftsman homes were designed to show off the special skills of the individual builder. The stone, wood, or metal work will strike a potential buyer at first glance. By definition, craftsman homes can be a variety of shapes and sizes. Each one is unique to the technical expertise of the actual builder and showcases the talent and ingenuity that took years to achieve. These homes are highly recommended to those who want to live in an unrepeatable residence.

Home buyers in Smith Creek don't need to limit their search entirely when it comes to open houses and schedule visits. However, knowing the available choices can make it easier to narrow down potential possibilities based on individual priorities. As buyers consider the pros and cons of each one, they should keep in mind not only their current needs but also their future plans as well.

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