Posted by on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 1:51pm.


Want to take on a hardscaping project in your own backyard?  Follow these eight easy steps to create a simple stone patio.

1.  Mark out your patio area with pegs and rope.

2.  Dig a 6" patio base and make sure you have a slight slope (approximately 1/4" per square foot) to prevent flooding.

3.  Once you're satisfied with your base, tamp down the soil until it's flat.

4.  Lay down landscaping fabric, which will help with drainage and prevent weeds from growing between the stones.

5.  Fill in the base with 2" of gravel and tamp it down.  Repeat with another 2" of gravel and tamp down again.

6.  Top the compacted gravel with a 2" layer of sand as screed.  Level the sand and tamp down again.

7.  Carefully lay your patio stones onto your compressed base.

8.  Fill the seams with polymeric sand.  The sand acts like grout when wet and stabilizes the stones.  It also inhibits weed growth and is water resistant.

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