Home Selling: 5 Most Popular Home Improvements

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 at 5:04pm.

Home Improvements to Draw Buyer AppealSelling a home requires investigating what buyers are looking for, so that the home meets their needs and earns an ideal sale price. These five popular home improvements help sellers compete on the market and sell their homes as quickly as possible, even in hot markets like McKinley Landing.

Storage and Closet Space

Storage of various types ranks consistently near the top of buyer preferences. It may come as a surprise that buyers would be more willing to compromise on the size of the home, than they are to give up effective storage options. Specifically, buyers list a walk-in closet as a “must-have” for a home they are considering. If this is not a reasonable option for a home improvement, storage options in general are also ideal. Custom storage for reach-in closets, linen closets, and pantries can serve as an effective improvement in limited space.

Energy Efficient Systems

Energy consumption is heavy on the mind of the home buyer, who wants a home that is environmentally sound and saves money at the same time. Comfort is also a goal, so systems that work in tandem to reduce energy usage without compromising on the home temperature are preferred. Since appliances (including heating and cooling) represent the largest usage of energy in the home, sellers should consider upgrading older, outdated appliances with energy-efficient models. High-efficiency windows and smart technology to integrate the whole home system complete the package.

Garage Space

Overall, buyers are hoping to find lots that are big enough for everything they want to do. With lot size at a premium, home buyers want to maximize what they can do with the structure and outbuildings. Two-car garages are increasing in popularity given their ability to protect vehicles during inclement weather, as well as the excellent opportunity for added storage. Building a two-car garage is definitely an investment, but it may be an effective way to capitalize on a larger lot size and appeal to a wider range of buyers. For sellers who already have a two-car garage, adding storage options, especially overhead storage, allows buyers to park two cars and enjoy extra room for seasonal storage. Cosmetic updates like fresh garage door paint can also bring new life into a garage.

Open Kitchen Layout

Modern buyers are excited by kitchens that appear inviting and easy to use. Gone are the days of the enclosed kitchen where the cook is separated from the activity of the rest of the household. In its place, buyers want kitchens with as open of a floor plan as possible. Instead of boxing in the kitchen on three sides, as is common in older designs, adding a plumbed kitchen island provides for extra counter space and storage underneath. Countertops in stone slabs or composite, such as granite or quartz, round out the design for an updated look that is fashionable and functional.

Luxurious Bathrooms

The buyers of Canada have spoken, and they want bigger bathrooms. Really, no level of luxury is too much in this area. Homeowners who have the space to expand may find that adding a deep tub, separate glass-encased shower, and stone tile floors provides just the level of delight that buyers are looking for.

The quickest way to an effective, pleasing home sale is to give buyers precisely what they want. With these home upgrades, sellers provide extra storage, room to move and relax, and the energy efficiency that buyers expect.

Justin Havre

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