How to Choose Lighting Fixtures For Every Room in Your Home

Posted by Dave Kotler on Monday, December 5th, 2022 at 4:38pm.

How to Choose Lighting For Every Room in Your HouseInterior lighting is always one of the most popular home improvements. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, proper lighting can create an atmosphere that sets your mood and helps keep you alert throughout the day. But with so many different types of interior lights available on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which type works best in each room. To help make your search for excellent lighting easier, we're here this week to provide you with helpful tips for choosing the perfect light for every space in your home!

Natural Lighting

Maximizing natural light in your home is key for creating a bright, airy environment. To do this, start by removing any obstructions to the windows, such as heavy drapes or items placed in front of the window. Next, consider using reflective surfaces around the windows and on walls directly across from them to bounce light back into the room. You can also use different coloured paint finishes on walls to further enhance the ambient light. Additionally, adding mirrors to certain areas can be used to help open up space and draw in more sunlight.

Lastly, opt for large windows and skylights that provide more direct natural illumination throughout the room. Following these tips will create a bright and inviting atmosphere in your home that feels vibrant and alive with natural light.

Living Room Lighting

From watching a movie to reading a book, living room lighting should be designed to handle a variety of activities. Interior decorators suggest layering the light. When the television screen is on, people can use dimmer lights, so it doesn't interfere with the quality of the picture. If someone is flipping through a magazine, they can turn on the table lamps, so they're not straining their eyes. Smart lights are one of the best smart tech upgrades for your home because they allow you to get the best of both worlds.

For those looking for aesthetic lighting, valance or concealed cove lights in living rooms can create an interesting vertical effect that causes people's eyes to move upwards and make the space seem larger. Accent lighting can make a treasured painting or elaborate fireplace look even more stunning.

Bathroom Lighting

The lighting in the bathroom needs to be not just bright but also well-balanced. People need plenty of light when shaving or applying make-up, so consider the general safety of the room when choosing lighting. To eliminate shadows and give people enough visibility, many homeowners will place additional lights on the sides of the mirror or install another light above the shower.

In smaller bathrooms, add a wall sconce or an additional fixture on the other side of the mirror. This can help provide convenient task lighting.

Bedroom Lighting

It can be tempting to outfit a bedroom with just soft lighting because bedrooms are often only used for sleep. However, dim bedroom lighting presents a common household hazard while people get dressed or search for their misplaced keys. Those who would like softer lighting in the bedroom can consider putting a light just above the closet or nightstand so they can see what they're doing at all times.

One can also purchase dimmer switches to adjust the lighting at any time and read lights to minimize eye strain before bed. Lights should generally be pointed slightly away from the bed to achieve a better aesthetic effect without compromising safety. Floor lamps are a great choice because they provide adequate lighting without becoming overstimulating.

Kitchen Lighting

Bright task lighting in a kitchen means people can use knives, rinse dishes, and use their appliances without squinting. This can not only limit the number of general kitchen accidents but may even prevent injury or property damage. Under cabinet lighting, using linear fluorescent bulbs is another way to give people the lighting they need when doing more complicated tasks in the kitchen.

Note that LED overhead lighting creates shadows, making it difficult to see where a knife is moving or which set the electric mixer is on. Those who enjoy quieter activities in the kitchen, such as a morning cup of coffee or a nightly cup of cocoa, can consider getting dimmer switches for more options. With all these advantages, it's no surprise that lighting is one of the best kitchen renovations.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating outdoor spaces at your home can help you create a backyard oasis. Consider installing lighting along pathways and steps or ambient lighting in the form of posts or wall-mounted fixtures. If you're looking for something to light up large outdoor areas such as a patio, consider lights like string lights, floodlights, or well lights.

When setting up your displays, keep in mind whether the lights will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and use weatherproof fixtures where necessary. Then decide on how bright you need lights in certain areas.

Outdoor lighting can come as a manual switch setup or with motion detector controls for added convenience. Lastly, create a well-balanced look by using various light sources throughout your space. By combining these tips and tricks together, you'll be able to create the exact type of atmosphere that fits the needs of you and your family.

Choose the Best Lighting For Your Home

Lighting can totally transform the look and feel of any room, so it's important to choose the right type of lighting for each space in your home. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect lighting for every room in your house - from living rooms and bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens. And don't forget about natural light! By taking advantage of sunlight, you can brighten up any room in your home without using any electricity at all.

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