New homes on horizon for Kirschner Mountain

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The east Kelowna development of Kirschner Mountain could soon have room for more housing.

The developer, who is building the community across from Black Mountain on Highway 33, has approached city council looking to revise the Official Community Plan. Roycroft is seeking to amend the eventual unit composition and therefore, the density of Kirschner Mountain by more than 25 per cent of the original application.

The original plan included a residential built of approximately 600 units. Now, the developer would like to build more townhomes, increasing the number of residential units to 771.

Since the structure plan for Kirschner Mountain was approved 14 years ago, 200 residential units have been constructed so far.

Reasons for the amendment by Roycroft have to do with the limited amount of land available for development in Kelowna. With the addition of more multi-family housing, the new plan will increase the density making better use of available land while providing a better variety of housing for buyers in Kelowna's hot real estate market.

Further arguments for the amendment to the plan are esthetic. Roycroft proposes taking the multi-family development off the top of the mountain and shifting it down to the southern slope and creating more cluster-structures, therefore softening the visual impact. This also supports the trend towards density housing while respecting the esthetics of hillside development in Kelowna and area.

About Kirschner Mountain

Approved for development in 2001, the residential community of Kirschner Mountain offers large Kelowna lots, built on the hillside in layers, with amazing views of the Okanagan Valley.

New construction and generous lots are well-spaced to afford every home on every lot a fantastic view of the entire valley. Luxury lots on the mountainside are large enough that homeowners can plan a tiered deck, a patio, perhaps a pool and enough yard for a trampoline. The location on Kelowna's far eastern side takes residents away from the busyness of Kelowna's waterfront and Harvey Avenue congestion. Far from downtown but with excellent infrastructure and roads for quick in and out access. Despite homes being constructed on the slope of a mountain, the roads have been built at a comfortable grade and inclines are gradual for the comfort of drivers in all types of weather conditions.

Kirschner Mountain has hiking trails and quiet lifestyle at nature's door step. There are also amenities like schools and shopping nearby. But people who choose Kirschner Mountain love the golf courses and driving ranges that are close by. There are at least five golf courses in a 10 kilometre radius of the neighbourhood with a season that can stretch from March to October or early November.

Downhill skiing is also a passion and there are almost an equal number of nearby resorts. Big White, Crystal Mountain and Silver Star are the local ski hangouts for snowboarders and ski enthusiasts of every ability.


To visit the Kirschner Mountain residential development, take Highway 33 east from Harvey (Highway 97) to Loseth Road and turn right. It's a 12-minute drive from the Orchard Park Mall.

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