Restaurant Spotlight: Joey Kelowna

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 9:42am.


Joey Kelowna is a restaurant with a single goal in mind – to provide their customers with the ultimate dining experience. They are able to do this by traveling the world in order to discover bold flavours. Then, they use these flavours to turn them into signature recipes at their own dining establishment. This is an dining establishment with people who believe you cannot capture perfection if you limit yourself to your own backyard. You have to get out in the world.

What Happens When You Eat Here

When you eat here, you are eating the food of people who are a master at crafting the perfect meal. These are people who believe in delivering their customers with a memorable experience every single time they come in and order a meal. Each room in the dining establishment is vibrant and clean.

How the Restaurant Began

Like most of the members who work for Joey Kelowna, the CEO and President Jeff Fuller started his incredible journey by washing dishes, flipping burger patties, and sweeping parking lots. Jeff Fuller believes that the fact that he started the same way as everyone else is the reason why his business is such a success. He learned the way the business works from the ground up. He was able to put together a team of hard working individuals who are committed to making the customers happy.

There Are A Lot of Joey Kelowna’s in Canada

Today, there are several Joey Kelowna’s scattered throughout Canada. Each one offers a unique experience, but you can expect the same great service and delicious food regardless of which one you go to.

Joey Kelowna is an honest establishment you can go to when you want to eat food at a place that cares about their customers and their employees. It also doesn’t hurt that they serve you incredible food.

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