Restaurant Spotlight: RauDZ Regional Table

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, March 30th, 2015 at 12:46pm.


RauDZ Rengional Table offers a unique experience when it comes to dining out. This pristine establishment is housed in a heritage structure that is 106 years old. This eatery focuses on bringing people together, as the art of communication and talking has been lost among our digitized world.

There is a stunning 21 foot long table, which is met for people to gather and engage in conversation. This table is a focal point of the restaurant, as it is beautifully crafted from pine. The base of the table will make you think of the Kettle Valley trestles. It is not put together with nails or screws. It is put together with mortise, dowels and tenons. Will Brundula was the artist whom constructed this masterpiece.

The bar top in the RauDZ Regional Table is made from fir, which came from Vancouver Island. It is a stunning 28 feet long. The decor is unique, as there are chalkboards with quotes from famous individuals. They are displayed around the kitchen, which is completely glassed in.

The photographs that are displayed around the restaurant are suppliers, which provide the ingredients for the tasty treats you can get at RauDZ Rengional Table. The philosophy is, “support local, buy local, eat and drink local.” They pride themselves in being organic, and offer the freshest ingredients possible. Suppliers are all local farmers, and the flavour is never hindered with chemical induced preservatives.

Menu options include Crab Cappuccino, Caramelized Onion Soup, Smoked Duck Breast and Beet Salad, Crab Tart, Lamb Shank, and Baked Fish and Chips. Desserts include Chocolate Tasting, Rubarb Eclair, Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake and Chocolate Carmal Crunch. There is even an extravagant drink menu that includes a variety of mix cocktails and wine.

If you are looking for some wholesome food, a great place to gather with friends and family, and amazing service, then RauDZ Regional Table is the place you want to go.

Justin Havre

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