Selling a Home With a Small Yard: Staging and Curb Appeal Tips

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 10:33am.

Small Lawn Curb Appeal Curb appeal is critical when it’s time to sell a home. As a home seller, knowing how to dress up a small yard and show off its strengths can help to make a home more appealing to buyers. If home staging efforts are successful, sellers may be able to sell their homes more quickly and for more money.

Make It One Big Garden

In a very small yard, small patches of grass can seem a little out of place. One way to make a yard look more natural is to remove the grass and turn the entire patch of lawn into one large garden. Install plants, shrubs and flowers. Leave space between the plants to create a sense of order and prevent the garden from feeling too crowded. Spread out mulch between the plants to finish the job.

Distract With Colour

Planting a variety of colourful plants and flowers in a garden can help attract the attention of buyers, making the house more eye-catching. If the chosen plants are annuals, you can encourage them to grow large blossoms more quickly by removing the existing blossoms as soon as the flowers have been planted. Doing this encourages flowers to fill out and bloom harder than ever.  

Keep It Trim and Tidy

Regardless of whether or not the yard has flowers or grass, the lawn must be kept trim and tidy in order to look its best for home buyers. This is especially true of homes with small lawns because the smaller the space, the more quickly and easily the lawn can start to look unkempt.

Some home sellers have a hard time keeping track of when to trim and water the lawn when they’re in the midst of selling a house. To ensure that the yard stays looking its best, contact a gardener to cut the grass and maintain the flowers or shrubs.

Put the Right Spin On It

A home may have a small lot, and the house may be just as small, but presenting the property in the right way can attract home buyers seeking to live more simply and efficiently. Seniors, couples without children and small families all may seek out smaller properties.

Use key language in the listing to emphasize the positive aspects of your home’s size and draw in these home buyers. A few key phrases to use in your listing include:  

  • Easy to maintain
  • Cozy
  • Perfect for small families
  • Efficient

These are all excellent descriptions that can help home buyers see the benefit of a smaller property.

Stage the Back Yard

Setting a scene is important for boosting curb appeal. Show home buyers that even a small lawn can be a relaxing place to spend time drinking a lemonade and relaxing after work. A few props can help with this. Hopefully the yard has a patio or a solid surface where table and chairs can sit.

If this is not the case, install a small collection of patio pavers in a shaded location on the property. Then set up a table, chairs and soft cushions to help make the space look more inviting. When buyers come to see your home, consider setting out a pitcher with lemonade and a few cups, to show that your backyard can be a relaxing oasis where friends can meet and families can spend time.

Keep It Private

One of the downsides of having a home on a small lot is that the neighbours will be close by. The best way to solve this problem and assuage homebuyer concerns about privacy is to put barriers in place that will block the view of the neighbours, giving everyone a little more privacy. There are many ways to do this.

  • Plant a row of cypress trees on either side of the house to block the view.
  • If you have a deck, add a vertical lattice wall on one or two sides to provide some shade and privacy. To make the wall more attractive, try growing a couple climbing plants to hide the lattice.
  • Purchase a number of tall potted plants and arrange them on either side of the deck or yard to block the view of the neighbours.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

Working with an experienced real estate agent can make it easier to stage a home and add curb appeal. A real estate agent can give you suggestions that will help make any lawn and home more attractive to buyers, which can, in turn, help the home sell for more money. To get started, contact a reputable real estate agent today.

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