Smart Bathroom Renovations with High ROIs

Posted by Dave Kotler on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 at 10:48am.

Which Upgrade Renovations Yield the Best Returns?Most homeowners want to upgrade their bathrooms. Homeowners may use a contractor or decide to do a do-it-yourself (DYI) project. Whether it's because their fixtures are outdated or because they're just tired of staring at the same old paint job, the improvements are usually made with the residents in mind rather than the future buyers. But if homeowners can please both themselves and the next people who live in their home, it's definitely the cherry on top of the sundae. Homeowners who want to make strategic moves should keep the following tips in mind.

Think Small

Smaller bathroom renovations tend to have the highest returns. This is because a return on investment (ROI) for a bathroom is going to be highly dependent on the area in which a homeowner lives. If they live in a middle-class area, then there's only so much they can push up the value of their home—even if they retrofit the room with the best Jacuzzi in the world. Instead, homeowners should make small but noticeable changes that will instantly make a future buyer feel welcome.

Swap the Fixtures

The knobs on the drawers and the handles of the faucet are all important details that contribute to the overall impression of the room. Buying more attractive fixtures can instantly give the bathroom a new vibe. It can even help homeowners decide which colors might look best if they're looking to buy new artwork, shower curtains, or rugs. Homeowners should also buy environmentally friendly light bulbs. These can save money on utility bills and help eliminate hazardous shadows.

Go Universal

Canadian buyers are less concerned with fancy upgrades and more concerned with practical features. Universal bathrooms are made for everyone—young and old alike. Here are just a few options for homeowner looking to go universal:

  • Redo the floor with a non-slip finish
  • Add a customized handrail in the shower
  • Install a higher-end toilet
  • Opt for a step-in shower

Taking out the toilet and retrofitting the shower are much bigger jobs, but they may actually be worth it if the demographic values these features. For example, if the demographics of the area tend to skew towards the elderly, then these investments can really pay off down the line.

Pick New Tiles

The tile technology of the day has improved to include practically every building material, pattern, and color. Homeowners who want an even bigger return on their investment can look for leftover or excess tiles from building projects in their area. This is a great way to get high-quality materials, such as granite or marble, for a fraction of the cost. Choosing better tiles can completely update the look of the room and give homeowners the palette they need to make a few final touches.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

See yourself in the most flattering light with new light fixtures. New lighting is an easy way to update and modernize a space without gutting it. Just be sure to hire a professional if your plans involve any rewiring.

Add New Fixtures

As with lighting, new faucets and cabinet handles add style to your space with minimal effort. Although silver-toned faucets are the finish of choice among homeowners, brushed nickel and polished chrome are also popular choices.

Add New Window Treatments

Tie the look of the room together with blinds, shades, or curtains — or a combination of these options. Choose bold colors to add a pop of color to the room or keep it neutral. Whatever you choose, make sure that it complements the overall theme or style of the room.

Repaint the Walls

This is undoubtedly one of the best improvements a University District homeowner can make in terms of ROI. Fresh paint smooths out inconsistencies in the wall, freshens the room, and welcomes a person inside. Experts recommend choosing a pastel color because it's both warm and calm. Because many homeowners love the idea of relaxing in the bathtub after a hard day at work, the effect can work instant (and subconscious) wonders on unsuspecting future buyers.

Go classic with white, create a spa retreat with soothing blues, or energize your space with orange or yellow tones. Look online or through décor magazines for a surge of inspiration.

Add New Accessories to the Space

Add style and function with new accessories. If you'd like more storage, add a wall cabinet or storage tower, or repurpose an unused storage unit from around the home. Install a new mirror or towel rack to enhance the look of the room. Buy new rugs to complement the new color scheme, and add color or texture with vases, wall décor, or similar items.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today

Upgrading a bathroom is a great way for homeowners to improve their own quality of life while giving home buyers an extra incentive to pick their home from all the competition. It can even spark those coveted bidding wars that end in the seller's favor.

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