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Looking to expand your real-estate portfolio? Perhaps you have a primary residence on which you’re slowly but surely paying down the mortgage, and suddenly, you’ve found yourself with more savings than you anticipated. Purchasing a multi-unit dwelling to stuff with tenants could theoretically pad your pockets on a monthly basis for as long as you decide to hold onto it. Right now, interest rates are relatively low and rents are high, so investors are acquiring  income properties like never before. The process is not as easy as finding an okay house and cramming it with naïve university students, though. Here are a few (very important) financial and administrative points to consider:


The down payment: First and foremost, you must

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No one wants to find themselves in an emergency situation, so it's important to prepare your home as much as possible.  Since there's nothing you can do to stop Mother Nature, here are a few small, proactive measures you can take to help keep damages at bay.


Overflowing gutters are one of the major causes of water finding its way into homes.  If your downspouts are leaky, in disrepair of non-existent, heavy snow and rain will go right into your foundation.  Cleaning your gutters and repairing your downspouts should be on your annual maintenance list, and consider investing in gutter covers or screens to keep leaves out.


Proper fire separation between floors will help contain

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Any little bit of money savings is huge win!  Knowing what to expect and what is owing can save you a lot of stress down the road.

Am I eligible for the Provincial Home Owner Grant?

The Provincial Home Owner Grant is designed to help homeowners reduce their property taxes.

(a)You must be a BC resident
(b)You must own and reside on the property as your principal residence when you apply
(c)You and your spouse, together, can only claim one grant
(d)You may be required to prove your eligibility

If you turn 65 years old anytime during the current year, you are eligible to claim the additional grant by providing your date of birth on the application (Year/Month/Day).

There are two grant categories:
(a)The regular grant may reduce

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