Ten Smart Tech Home Options to Turn Buyer's Heads

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 2:27pm.

Smart Tech Options in the HomeSecurity and convenience.

Both are crucial for today's home buyer. According to a 2017 report by the National Association of Realtors, 34 percent of homebuyers are thirty-six years old or younger. With Millennials taking the plunge into home ownership, security, high-tech gadgets and convenience in your Joe Rich home becomes even more valuable than ever. That's why smart home features help sell homes.

Here are ten smart home options for home buyers that offer either security or convenience, or an attractive mix of both.


Feeling either hot or cold is inconvenient, and hefty electric bills are downright painful. Smart thermostats alleviate both with the ability to easily program the time of day and night to increase or decrease the house's temperature. Some devices also work with a smartphone to adjust it remotely.

Smart Light

Turning lights on and off remotely provides greater home security. Potential burglars who are watching your house won't see a change in routine when you are traveling for work or on holiday.


Whether watching the babysitter, making sure the dog didn't get out, or giving piece of mind that the spouse did indeed shut the garage door, interior and exterior webcams that can be accessed online are top smart home options for home buyers.

Smart Locks

Locks that integrate with the home owner's smart phones let them make certain their home is secure, and let people in remotely if necessary.

Video Doorbell

This is one of the top smart home options for home buyers because it takes a traditional "peep hole" to a new level. Upstairs? Taking a shower? In the middle of cooking dinner? See who is at the door from your phone or tablet without even walking over.

Safety Devices

A variety of smart home features that buyers love addresses safety. Those that detect harmful agents like smoke or carbon monoxide, or measure events like home flooding are gaining in popularity with Millennial home buyers.

Garage Doors

Never have to fiddle with the garage door opener again. This new smart technology allows home owners to power up their garage doors from their phones, hands free. By setting up the doors to sense when the phone is in proximity, it's easy to gain entrance.

Energy Measurements

Save money and help protect the environment by using smart energy measuring devices. They can be added to the circuit breaker panel and give the owners a detailed explanation of what is using the majority of the electricity.

Smart Audio

Entertainment is a big part of today's home buyer wishlist and they are sure to take notice with modern audio additions. Wireless audio that's available in every room creates an ease of use that home sellers are sure to notice.


You can't talk about how smart home features help sell homes without mentioning smart appliances. Refrigerators that keep track of inventory and send a reminder when staples are low. Smart dishwashers can be turned on remotely, and contain sensors that measure how soiled the dishes are.

Central Point of Control

Managing all of these smart home options from one place is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience. A variety of products on the market provide home owners the ability to achieve greater automation.

Smart home features help sell homes, and these are the ten most popular ones. An investment in these renovation extras are sure to turn buyers' heads and give home sellers a leg up on competition.

Justin Havre

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