The Value of Customer Service in Real Estate

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, July 9th, 2018 at 10:41am.

Seek character, proven talent and customer focus when selling a homeBefore selecting a real estate agent to market a home, it it is wise for sellers to consider just what is necessary to find a qualified buyer. Sellers should also consider what it takes for a real estate agent to move an offer to acceptance and then to closing. A real estate professional has numerous responsibilities to assure that every transaction progresses as seamlessly as possible from listing to final resolution. The value of customer service in all Canadian real estate transactions cannot be overstated.

Attention to Details

Canadian real estate agents need an awareness of the real estate market, whether it's a buyers market or a sellers market. An effective agent must understand basic advertising and promotion. They must also pay attention to timelines and details - critical in contractual transactions.

Agents must possess an awareness of finance and legal restrictions, do a fair amount of hand-holding, and be available with time, energy and enthusiasm during a time frame that can be extremely variable. And since an agent receives no compensation until the transaction is completed, they must be ready and willing to go the extra customer service mile in order to make it to the end of the transaction.

Career Professionalism

Almost everyone has at least one friend in the real estate business, either a veteran or a young acquaintance just starting a career. The temptation may be great to list a home as a a favor to a friend. But that is often not the best course of action.

Every home seller needs an agent who, above all, will be honest, forthright and professional. Close friends might have a hard time pointing out property shortcomings to a seller with an emotional attachment to a home. Agents that are new in their real estate career sometimes lack in-depth market insights or are less than skilled at complicated negotiating or suggesting financing options. It's best to select a Canadian real estate agent that is in the profession full-time that has your best interests at heart - for the best customer service potential.

Service Accountability

Every home seller must retain the right to demand accountability, answers and actions. Selling a home is stressful and stress is a complicating factor to all involved. So the most effective way to decide on accountability and choose the right agent is to interview several agents. Then, after the interviews, make a decision based on personality, knowledge, previous record of performance, reputation, and the answers supplied to rigorous, serious questions. Finding the agent best attuned to meet your needs should be a priority.

Real estate is a people business, but the attention to details, professionalism and service accountability are the best things to watch for in choosing a Joe Rich neighborhood Canadian real estate agent. When selecting an agent to work with, communication and service are key. And customer service is the name of the game, whether the customer is the home seller or a home buyer.

Justin Havre

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