Tips for Renovating Your Backyard

Posted by Dave Kotler on Friday, August 6th, 2021 at 10:33am.

How to Create a Backyard Space Everyone Will LoveUpdating a backyard is an investment in the quality of life for residents. So many homeowners don't make use of their outdoor space, even though the yard can be just as valuable as the kitchen or the bedrooms. Those who want to renovate the backyard should keep the following ideas in mind. Read on to learn more about the best backyard renovations for your home.

Add a Water Fixture

Water in the backyard can come in the form of anything from a birdbath to a rain garden to a fountain. Homeowners can create a relaxing place for people to decompress. Those who want to save their pennies for the larger structure can consider adding a rain barrel or building a system to redistribute the water from the gutters to the garden. This tactic will nourish the flowers and clean the air at the same time. Water works best in the shaded areas of the lawn, preferably near lush grass or shrubs.

Install a Grill or Fire Pit

The elements can bring a hint of the dramatic to even the most suburban homes. A fire pit can be built with bricks and sand and used to cook marshmallows or simple dinners. Residents and guests can use it to warm up autumn nights or as a centrepiece for their next outdoor party. For people who want to eat more meals outside, a grill with a fridge and counter space can give the chef a lot of extra space to grow and experiment.

Put in a Path

A path creates mobility in the yard. Here are a few tips to get it right:

  • Construct the path so it leads to a beautiful space in the yard
  • Use inexpensive stones and blocks to make a unique and affordable path
  • Opt for flowers and candles to make the path look more attractive

Create a Garden Folly

Yes, we're serious! Have a little fun in your backyard. A traditional Victorian "garden folly" was often an ornate structure that served no particular purpose other than extravagant decoration. Today it could be a simple gazebo, four carved posts topped by a canvas cover, or an ornate vine-covered arbour. It could be a simple greenhouse of cast-off windows, a miniature log cabin, or a lacy iron pavilion over a fountain or birdbath. Remember, it doesn't really need a purpose, but a simple cafe table and chairs, or a porch swing would be fun. If your garden path leads to your "folly," so much the better!

It takes effort to make an appealing outdoor living space, but the more effort McKinley Landing homeowners put into their yard, the more comfortable they'll become outside. Renovating the yard can be a fun DIY project and give owners a chance to flex their creative muscles while learning more about the special features of the property. It can also prove to be a smart move for those who want to improve their resale value when it comes time to move on.

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