Do you agree with redevelopment in Rutland?

Posted by on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 at 12:03pm.

The City of Kelowna has big plans for Rutland, an older community east of downtown, specifically Dougall Road where it hopes to create a "Rutland Town Centre."

It might all begin with a car wash, a new development which recently passed before council in January. The plan for the proposed car wash facility was approved. The plan for the car wash is to have six self-serve bays and one drive-through bay. It will connect with the existing Centex station on Dougall Road and Highway 33 in Rutland. A single-family home currently sits on the property and will be demolished.

A spokesman for the City of Kelowna, Terry Barton, has stated that he believes this future car wash is the first foray into a series of plans to redevelop the street in the community. Any single-family homes will likely not be around for long on this street as redevelopment continues to evolve in Rutland.

Zoning along Dougall Road is C4 with an OCP designation which provides for mixed-use and dense commercial development. Many of the property owners adjacent to the Centex station at this corner are considering cashing in by selling or by undertaking some sort of C4 development in the near future, according to Barton. At present, there are as many as nine single-family residences between Highway 33 and McIntosh Street further down the block.

This is what Barton describes as the heart of the developing Rutland Town Centre where the City wants to create more density and commercial development.

During the approval process, some Rutland residents came forward and indicated a concern regarding potential noise from the car wash. While it was approved in theory by council, the development still needs to go through a public hearing next month before Kelowna city council can sign off on it.

About Rutland Park

Rutland Park is an older residential community to the east and north of downtown Kelowna along Highway 33. It has a population of 35,000.

The Rutland Park Society was formed by local residents in 1939 and in a very ambitious moved, did enough fundraising to purchase land at 180 Rutland Road to create a park. Owned by the residents themselves, a hall was added in 1967. This is Centennial Hall.

In 1995, a structure was added for the sport of box lacrosse. The park is owned and operated by the Society and is completed volunteer run.

The hall is situated right in the heart of the community, where many events take place throughout the year. Rutland May Days and the Rutland Community Market on Sunday mornings just to name a few.

There is also a business redevelopment association called Uptown Rutland Business Association. The mandate of this organization is to promote the Rutland shopping area and businesses and to help improve and maintain the area, making it an attractive and pleasant place in which to do business. The URBA ensures the streetscape of the commercial district is well lit with good signage and attractive planters.

It organizes special events and decorates for holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Rutland's Annual Scarecrow Festival.

The committee also works side-by-side with Kelowna's mayor and city council and other stakeholders with common interests in the city.

The URBA has taken a special interest in the Rutland Town Centre development, spearheaded by the City of Kelowna.

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