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Design Ideas for Kelowna Ranch-Style Homes

Ranch homes are often considered more simplified and straightforward than other home styles, making them perfect for those who prefer a less fussy look. Blending indoor and outdoor spaces, ranch homes can easily achieve the warm, open feel that many homebuyers want. Interested in purchasing or revamping a ranch home? If so, keep reading for top decor and style ideas for ranch-style homes.

Embrace an Open Floor Plan

Ranch homes are typically built on one level, making them ideal for combining different spaces into an open-concept floor plan. This style often includes the living room, dining area, and kitchen all in one relatively large space, which enhances the home's flow. It also makes ranch homes a popular choice for those who want the

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What Sets Ranch Homes Apart From Other Architecture Styles

Ranch-style architecture, also known as the American ranch, is a form of architecture popularized in the 1930s. It has its roots in California, where it replaced the smaller, segmented rooms typical of craftsman-style homes with large open layouts that promote rooms with equal sunlight and seamless indoor to outdoor living. However, it fell out of popularity in the 1980s as more people embraced modern architecture.

The good news? Ranch-style homes in Kelowna are rapidly making a comeback with newer, fresher countryside designs with a modern appeal. Want to learn more? Check out the common characteristics of ranch-style architecture below.

Single-Storey U- or L-Shaped Layouts

Ranch-style architecture is characterized by long, low-slung roof

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Where to Find Winter Activities in KelownaThere are plenty of things to do throughout the Kelowna area of British Columbia. From skiing to dogsledding, you can find plenty of winter activities to enjoy. Here's a look at some of the top choices for your winter fun.

Cross-Country Skiing

The champagne powder found throughout the area is famous and great for cross-country skiing. There are plenty of groomed trails throughout Kelowna providing skiing fun for all skill levels. Whether you want to enjoy skate skiing, Nordic Skiing or track skiing, you can find it here.

The Big White Ski Resort is one of the top spots for cross-country skiing in the area. It's the second-largest ski resort in all of British Columbia and allows for all kinds of fun. With 16 lifts and 118 trails, there's plenty

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Seek character, proven talent and customer focus when selling a homeBefore selecting a real estate agent to market a home, it is wise for sellers to consider just what is necessary to find a qualified buyer. Sellers should also consider what it takes for a real estate agent to move an offer to acceptance and then to closing. A real estate professional has numerous responsibilities to ensure that every transaction progresses as seamlessly as possible from listing to final resolution. The value of customer service in all Canadian real estate transactions cannot be overstated.

Agents Need Attention to Details

Canadian real estate agents need an awareness of the real estate market, whether it's a buyers market or a sellers market. An effective agent must understand basic advertising and promotion. They must also pay

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Best Restaurants in Kelowna

Kelowna is famous for its Okanagan Lake views and numerous wineries, but the restaurant scene isn't to be skipped over. It's easy for residents to find the kind of food they love at all price levels. Whether you're thinking about moving to Kelowna or are simply visiting, here are some of the best restaurants in Kelowna to maximize your enjoyment.

Okanagan Street Food

Popular Dishes at Okanagan Street Food

  • Omelette
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Candied Salmon Risotto Fritters
  • Baked Mac & Cheese
  • Seared Fish Taco
  • Short Rib Sandwich

Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, in an unpretentious, rustic building is a wonderfully unique restaurant and market known as Okanagan Street Food that appeals to the fine diner who enjoys a

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Must-Have Kelowna Waterfront Home Amenities

The most coveted homes in Kelowna, British Columbia, are located right along the waterfront on Okanagan Lake. Whether fishing for kokanee or water-skiing on Okanagan Lake, most Kelowna residents who live along the water have many of the same amenities at their homes, because they're just that wonderful to have available. Keep reading to discover some of the must-have amenities new residents should look for when moving to a Kelowna waterfront home.

A Boat Trailer & Boat

Swimming, paddleboarding, and boating are a way of life in Kelowna. It's not uncommon for residents to spend late spring through early fall enjoying the 135-kilometre-long Okanagan Lake on their boat, which usually requires a boat trailer to help access public or private launches.

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How to Navigate Your Deck ConstructionConstructing a deck isn't just a regular project for most homeowners. Some homeowners may try building a deck as a DIY project, but most let a professional build it. Tied up in images of backyard parties and barbecues, homeowners can become emotionally invested long before they even get started. This overenthusiasm is normal, but it can ultimately lead to mistakes being made or even laws being broken. Here are a few tips to keep the construction as linear and logical as possible.

Check the Rules

Most homeowners haven't memorized the building codes of Canada or their neighbourhood. Some homeowners don't even know they need to ask for permission first to construct their deck. The laws for each home will depend on what province it's located in and

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Kelowna Waterfront Property

Deciding to purchase a waterfront home in Kelowna could be a dream come true for some people. Being near the water in British Columbia offers many benefits—incredible views, fun activities, and nature all around. Yet, before making the decision to buy a waterfront property, be sure to take a closer look at what it means to own waterfront property in the area. Kelowna is a stunning place to call home, with its pine forests and vineyards, but not every property has the same requirements and opportunities along the waterfront itself. Keep reading to learn some questions to ask before buying a waterfront home in Kelowna.

What Are the Boundaries of My Waterfront Ownership?

Boundaries can be confusing on the waterfront, especially for first-time

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Wine Tours in Kelowna, BC

Wine and Food Tours are a great way to spend your time in Kelowna. They offer a chance to relax with friends and family while checking out great local eateries. You can take tours by visiting local distilleries, wineries, or by going through a wine tour company or sight-seeing company. Food and wine tours allow you the chance to experience food and wine that only the locals know about. Here is a look at top wine tour destinations in the Kelowna area.

Experience Wine Tours

Experience Wine Tours is a food and wine company in the area that takes you around in luxury vehicles for an all-inclusive tour visiting at least five wineries. You can take a tour for 5 hours through Kelowna where you'll enjoy the scenic rolling hills, vineyards and

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Tips for First-Time Waterfront Buyers in Kelowna, BC

Buying a waterfront home in Kelowna is no doubt an exciting prospect. After all, Kelowna is one of the most beautiful cities in British Columbia. The Kelowna waterfront homes for sale guarantee spectacular Lake Okanagan vistas and seamless access to the city's picturesque beaches.

Besides, living in Kelowna is pure bliss since this dreamy vacation town boasts fun things to do in every season, award-winning wineries, magnificent mountain landscapes, and pristine hiking trails. There are many questions to ask before buying a waterfront home. Keep reading to find professional tips for first-time Kelowna waterfront property buyers.

Forecast Your Maintenance Needs

A Kelowna waterfront home means an almost infinite amount of recreational

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