May 2018

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What Should First-time Homebuyers Know About Home Insurance?Home insurance is often necessary for first-time homebuyers. However, all home insurance companies and their policies are not the same and some groups of customers have been less than satisfied with their home insurance company in Canada. Home insurance is generally needed for those homebuyers taking out a home mortgage loan on a home. What should homebuyers know about home insurance before choosing a policy?

Why Homeowners Buy Home Insurance

A house is an investment and it can be expensive to make repairs should serious damage occur. A home is vulnerable to vandalism, fire, storm damage and more. Homeowners can protect the equity in their home when purchasing home insurance. Home insurance policies can differ significantly. Homeowners should

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The Sky is The Limit When Building Outdoor Living AreaMany spend a great deal of time and money in creating the perfect living space. Homeowners will build home theaters, game rooms, extravagant living rooms and “man caves”. In the meantime, often times outdoor space goes unused or underutilized. Even in Canada, where summer goes by in a minute, there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of your outdoor space. Here are some exterior living space ideas you should consider.

Decks and Patios

Building an outdoor patio or deck is the starting point for many looking to take better advantage of their outdoor space. Deck materials can vary from composites to treated lumber. Patios can be poured concrete or use stone pavers. They can be simple or elaborate. The point is, once “floor” space is created

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Why Get Worked Up About Unpermitted WorkIt may not be obvious to a home inspector that unpermitted work exists prior to the purchase of a home. Some projects lie behind walls or other areas not easy to access or hard to observe. Even though sellers should be disclosing any projects that were performed without necessary licensing and permits, this does not always occur and the seller may be unaware that such issues exist. This still places a homeowner in a stressful situation when they uncover such work on their own. Should a homeowner leave the work as-is or take steps to remediate the problem?

Homeowners In for a Surprise

Sellers are under the obligation of disclosing unpermitted work to potential buyers. However, there are cases when unpermitted upgrades and structural changes

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