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Vacation Home Buying Guide

Considering buying a vacation home? If so, there are plenty of factors to consider before taking that financial (yet potentially fruitful) leap. After all, vacation homes are different from first homes. A homeowner's application will be reviewed differently by lenders. They will likely have a much better experience the second time around if they have been able to repay their mortgage steadily and consistently.

The responsibility of owning a vacation home cannot be underestimated, regardless of the purpose for which it was purchased. Some Canadians take steps to invest in property—like a single-family home or a condo, for example—to create passive income streams. For others, a vacation home away from home is all they need. Vacation homes for personal

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How to Maintain Your Vacation Home From Afar

Vacation homes can be an excellent investment for those who plan to rent them out and those who intend to keep them unoccupied. Having a dedicated place like a condo to visit each year is a delightful benefit, especially if the home provides a unique surrounding to the primary residence. However, managing a vacation home from a distance is not as easy, but it can be manageable. With the following tips, owners will know what to do to maintain their vacation homes when they aren't there.

Install a Security System

Home security is a factor of the structure itself, and there are security systems homeowners can install. People can tailor their options to their goals when choosing a home security system. Common systems include:

  • Doorbell cameras
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What it's Like to Live in Upper Mission

The Upper Mission neighbourhood in the city of Kelowna has a lot going for it. Uphill from much of the rest of the city, Upper Mission offers some incredible views of Okanagan Lake. From the new construction homes at the peak of the hillside to the waterfront properties next to the lake, residents have easy access to some great local parks, several wineries, and proximity to Kettle Valley Village Centre. Here are all the reasons to love living in Upper Mission, Kelowna.

Proximity to Kelowna Parks

The Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Regional Park is bordered on its west and south sides by Raymer Road in the Lower Mission community. This 30-hectare park is home to four natural ecosystems:

  • Black cottonwood
  • Douglas fir
  • Ponderosa pine
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Why Should You Love Living Near Myra Canyon?

Between the local hiking trails, golf courses, water recreation, natural landmarks, and wineries and vineyards, there are always many fun things to do in Kelowna. Among its landmarks, Myra Canyon is popular with locals and visitors alike. Located approximately 25 kilometres southwest of downtown Kelowna, it's home to several attractions that make it an outdoor lover's paradise. Discover four reasons why people love living near Myra Canyon below.

Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Explore the area's natural beauty high up in the trees at Myra Canyon Adventure Park with aerial courses, zip line routes, and more. This outdoor high ropes and zip line park is surrounded by gorgeous, steep-walled Myra Canyon and is less than 30 minutes from the city of Kelowna

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What to Know About Buying Your First Rental Property

Investment properties can be profitable, come in many forms, and are a solid addition to one's financial portfolio. These investments can establish a steady influx of cash, tax breaks, and capital appreciation.

Because real estate investment endeavours can be labour-intensive, selecting the correct route is essential. With that in mind, here are some solid tips to get started with buying your first investment property.

Consider the Common Types of Investment Properties

There are four primary properties to explore before investing:

  • Flip and turns
  • Residential rentals
  • Vacation rentals
  • Commercial properties

Here are their pros and cons to help investors go into the project with open eyes.

Flip a House and Turn It for

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Why Should You Love Living in Kelowna?

Many people who come to the city of Kelowna for a vacation move here permanently—it makes quite an impression on them! From sandy Kelowna beaches on Okanagan Lake to the beautiful weather and the arts and cultural destinations, the city has much to offer. The winters are warmer than in most other parts of Canada, making year-round activities possible. Nearly half of the grape vines in British Columbia are here, too, making the Okanagan Valley the "Wine Capital of Canada." Here are five reasons to love living in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Easy Access to Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is the center of activity in Kelowna during summer. There are several kilometres of sandy beaches on the lakeshore, with easy access for residents to get out and enjoy

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