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Schools and School Districts in Kelowna

When individuals are looking for their new Kelowna condo or Kelowna townhome, they may ask their real estate agent about the nearby schools and school districts. Those living in the Kelowna community can find most answers to their questions about the public, private, and higher education available in this guide. Here's what to know about the public school districts, private schools, and colleges and universities in the Kelowna area.

Public School Districts Serving Kelowna

Public Schools in KelownaAll residents of Kelowna fall under the Central Okanagan School District. It is the fifth-largest school district in British Columbia and continues to grow each year. Over 40 elementary, middle, and high schools are currently operating. Programs are available in English and

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How Carriages Houses Drive Housing Options in KelownaHomeowners have been taking advantage of the easy development permit process in inner-city Kelowna to build carriage homes on their properties. The city gives the green light to as many as 40 permits for carriage houses annually, and to date, Kelowna has more than 425 of these homes in the city. Because the vacancy rate for rental accommodation in the city is so low, homeowners are earning extra income by building carriage houses on their properties and renting them out.

What is a Carriage House?

Known as laneway homes, coach houses, or even mother-in-law or granny suites in other Canadian municipalities, carriage homes are detached residences in the backyards of Kelowna homes with entry off the rear lane. Carriage houses were originally

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Best Closet Upgrades to Maximize Your Home's Storage SpaceIf you live in a condo or an older house, you know that closet space is at a premium. Adding a closet or expanding an existing one will help to increase the functionality and value of your home.

Look for Unused Space That Can Be Converted or Modified

You'd be surprised where you can squeeze in closet space. Consider, for instance, the often-overlooked area underneath your staircase. With a little ingenuity, you can really gain some valuable extra storage by converting this cubby into an additional closet or storage space.

If it's your bedroom closet that's lacking, you may be able to get away with widening or deepening it, or even building a new one by expanding into an adjacent room. Just be sure that other space is large enough that it can

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Red Flags to Watch for When Purchasing a New HomeShopping for homes can leave your mind spinning. Knowing what to look for can help you weed out the properties with serious structural damage or maintenance problems. If you're looking for a turn-key property and a smooth buying experience, watch for these warning signs when going to home showings.

Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance can take many forms. A drippy faucet, cracked window, or a puncture hole in the wall are all signs that a homeowner has been neglecting their maintenance duties. While these problems may seem small, they can be a sign of larger poor maintenance practices.

Homeowners often fix up their homes before putting them on the market. Those that neglect to do this may have other poor maintenance practices that could

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5 Things Canadians Need to Do Before Buying a HomeCanadians considering the purchase of a home in the near future should gear up for an exciting and rewarding time in their lives. Before signing a contract on a home, a few steps should be completed to make the entire home buying process run more smoothly.

Learn How Much You Can Afford

Many potential home buyers consider the price of their home without thinking about the other expenses involved in homeownership. Other primary expenses involved in owning a home in Canada include property taxes, renovations as needed, heating and routine maintenance, and these costs can vary from markets like North Calgary and other areas in Canada. Meeting with a mortgage lender or a broker can help a potential homeowner realize how much of a home they can afford

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How to Decide If Age-Restricted Communities Are Right for YouThere are laws in Canada that prevent HOAs from placing age restrictions on housing, but the one exception to these regulations is made for senior living. Considering the rising population of retirees, age-restricted communities are popping up at record rates in practically every corner of the country. Before a Joe Rich homebuyer chooses this option, it helps to understand the reality of these communities. Learn more about both the perks and potential disadvantages before getting a home down payment together.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Benefits of Living in an Age-Restricted Community

First, because virtually everyone in a senior

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Art and Culture in KelownaKelowna is a city rich with artistry, a tapestry of beautiful sculptures, paintings, performances, and more. Looking to bring a bit of artistry into the home or mind? Check out these great places in Kelowna to embrace the artistic side, regardless of age or skill level.

Kelowna Art Gallery

The Kelowna Art Gallery holds interactive art and cultural exhibits for people of all ages. Located in the cultural district of Kelowna, it offers a respite from the heat with its welcoming air conditioning. It is free on Thursdays to see local Canadian art, and the exhibits are always changing. However, the permanent collection boasts 800 artworks and publications representing contemporary and historical Canadian artisans and authors. Art classes for kids,

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3 Tips for Planning Your Home AdditionMany homeowners would rather not sell a home but make upgrades that will accommodate their changing needs. Extra space may be needed when families grow, an aging parent moves in or when business owners work from home. These are only a few of the many reasons for a home addition.

Homeowners need to understand that changing the structure of a home does require thought and planning. Before getting started on a home addition, get a better understanding of what will be required to ensure a legal addition with few headaches.

What Are Your Goals?

Decide on key objectives. What exactly will be accomplished with the home addition? Some common goals homeowners have include:

  • Increasing living space;
  • Boosting storage capacity; or
  • Improving the
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Looking for the Top Pizza Places in Kelowna, BC? Don't Miss These Local FavouritesKelowna residents know their local food joints well. Pizza is a fitting food for just about any time of day and any day of the week, so it's one of the most popular menu items year-round. When the urge for Italian-style pie arises, residents recommend these three top pizza places in Kelowna, BC.

Olympia Greek Taverna: Home to Delicious Pizza

While its Mediterranean culture is heavily represented on the menu, the pizza at Olympia Greek Taverna is rated as some of the best in town. The artisans here hand-make and toss dough fresh for each pie and top it with an authentic tomato sauce that's loaded with flavour and generous toppings. There are several specialty pizzas on the menu, and patrons can customize their order with toppings not found at

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How to Winterize Your HomeWinter in the Okanagan is the reason why so many people from the shivering prairies move or retire to Kelowna.  Our winters are mild.  So mild in fact that many people don’t even own a pair of winter boots.

However, this doesn't mean Kelowna never has harsh winters.

Winter weather can bring frigid temperatures, ice, high winds, rain, snow, and flooding. It can damage roofs and foundations. It can freeze and break water pipes and eventually lead to rotting wood and mold. These can be costly to remediate, so it is best to protect homes from damage by taking appropriate winterization steps.

Here’s what Kelowna residents need to know about winterizing their homes before cold weather hits.

Home Improvements to Winterize Your House

There are

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