January 2021

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Best Places to Live Near Kelowna

Kelowna, British Columbia, is the principal city of the Okanagan Valley, with a population of about 142,146, and a greater metro population of about 217,000. It is one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, known especially for its wineries and tourism. The area is void of the extreme cold and humidity found in other parts of the country.

Kelowna's many communities and neighbourhoods feature a host of water recreation opportunities. Additionally, these areas offer residents walking trails, golf, beaches, parks, and local sports. Event venues, parks, art galleries, and eateries are other amenities that attract residents to the various communities in the valley.

Those planning a move to Kelowna should consider the following best places in the city to

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Impact of the Pandemic on the Kelowna Housing Market

The coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the globe affecting every aspect of our economy. Not only that, it’s lasted so long that it’s starting to have long-term effects on our lives. As changes become permanent and people start to adapt, the structure of our economy has been transformed. It’s no shock that the Kelowna housing market has also drastically changed and it’s time to reevaluate your options.

Changing Home Preferences

People often overlook the beautiful city of Kelowna as a permanent place to live because it’s often overshadowed by the largest city in British Columbia, Vancouver. Even with Vancouver’s exceedingly high home prices, people are forced to live in the

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