8 Last Minute Things To Do Before Your Home Showing

Posted by Dave Kotler on Saturday, March 19th, 2022 at 10:36am.

How to Prepare Quickly for a Home ShowingOn the day of a home showing, there's usually a lot that can be done to prepare your property. Tidying up and making your house more comfortable for visitors can make the showing a more pleasant experience for potential buyers and encourage a quicker sale. Keep reading for eight last-minute things to do before a home showing (plus a few bonus ones) to get your home show-worthy.

Put Away Lawn Tools

Curb appeal is one of the most important first impressions a homeowner can make on buyers. While there might not be time to put on a fresh coat of exterior paint, that doesn't mean there aren't a few things homeowners can do to neaten up the outside of the home.

It's common for homeowners to leave yard tools in the grass, by the garage, or on the porch after working outside. To keep your home's exterior tidy, scan your lawn for any tools that might have been left out since the last time you cut your grass or tended your flowers. Put everything away before the home showing begins. Having a cluttered yard is never really a good thing—even if you live in an attractive area like South Kelowna.

Clean the Floors

Now that the outside is taken care of, it's time to tackle the inside. Dust bunnies, crumbs, and stains can make the home look like it's not very well maintained. Cleaning the floors will help your home make a good impression. Run the vacuum, dry mop, and stain treat the carpet as needed. If you have children, pets, or a spouse, try to get them out of the house before cleaning your floors, to prevent your loved ones from tracking in dirt after the cleaning is complete.

Speaking of tracking in dirt, make sure the entryway is clear and any shoes, coats, umbrellas, or other clutter are put away or at least lined up neatly.

Clean Kids' Rooms

Toys and clothes on the floor can leave visitors with a poor impression of your home. Having the kids clean up their rooms before the home showing can make their space look larger, cleaner, and better maintained. Tell kids to keep the closets organized and to clean the space under the bed as well, because buyers might look in both spaces.

Send the Dog To Be With Friends

Dogs can be distracting to home buyers. Some people have allergies to dogs, others have fears. If you're selling a home with pets, sending your pet to stay with friends or family during the home showing can help keep the buyer's focus on your house. This advice applies to cats as well as dogs. If your home has a trace of your pet's odour in the air, open your windows and air out your home before your home showing, and clean up any pet hair from your pet's favourite hangout spots.

Wash and Put Away All Dishes

Dirty dishes can leave an odour in the kitchen. In addition, dirty dishes can distract buyers' attention when they're looking at your kitchen. Do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink. Clean out all glasses and mugs, then dry them and put them away.

After cleaning the dishes, take care of the last of kitchen odours by taking out the trash.

Walk Through and Fix Any Last Details

Is there a pile of mail on the counter? Move it out of sight. Did someone leave the toilet seat up? Put it down. Are beds unmade? Not for long. Once everything is clear, do a final wipe-down.

If the homeowner won't be present during the showing, they can put inconvenient clutter in a box or basket and take it with them. If they will be, consider using the car as a temporary holding spot anyway. Buyers are likely to open closets, drawers, cabinets, and other places where clutter could otherwise be stashed, so this may be the best solution for a quick fix.

Set The Perfect Temperature

Some homeowners save money during the winter and summer by setting their thermostat at a slightly less than comfortable temperature. However, when the time comes to show your home to buyers, it's important to ensure that buyers find your home comfortable. Set the temperature at the ideal setting far enough in advance of buyers arriving to give your home enough time to reach that temperature before the showing starts.

Set Out Refreshments

Refreshments make your home seem more welcoming. Set out something to drink and munch on to ensure that your home buyers have what they need while they're in your house. If possible, set out seasonal drinks and snacks. For example, put out lemonade in the summer, apple cider in the fall, and a warm drink for a winter sale. As a bonus, baking cookies or warming up cider gives the home a pleasant smell.

Finish off the welcoming ambiance by turning on all the lights and showing off natural light by opening the blinds and curtains. The more open and inviting the home feels, the better. If it's a nice day, consider opening a window or two to let in a breeze.

Work With Your Real Estate Professional

Your real estate professional has done this plenty of times before. Ask for their help and expertise in how to get your home ready for a showing. Buyers will be looking at your home through the lens of whether they could see themselves living there, so it's important to make sure that your home is in top shape before buyers come to take a look.

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