Garage Organization Steps for Homeowners

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, December 9th, 2019 at 10:39am.

3 Steps to Organize Your Garage and Beat ClutterMany Kettle Valley homeowners store items in their garage that don't have a home in the house, leading to overcluttering and stress as items pile up. When your garage is stuffed full of junk, it's time to go through it and get everything organized. Try these tips to get your garage cleaned out today.

Remove Items from Garage to Declutter

When clutter has been packed away, it's difficult to see how much has accumulated. Boxes hide behind boxes, inside larger boxes, and on shelves that mask the amount of stuff that has built up. That's why it's essential, when there are plans to declutter the garage, to remove all of your belongings from the garage itself to effectively sort through them. Following these steps can make this process less overwhelming:

  • Remove all belongings from garage and from boxes
  • Group objects by type
  • Eliminate duplicates and any unwanted belongings

By following these steps, you can create a system that will make it easier to reduce the unnecessary items in your garage.

Create Streamlined Storage Options

Once any unwanted items have been removed, it's important to create a storage system that is both functional and easy to maintain. Many homeowners may find that although their belongings are organized shortly after cleaning, they fall into disarray over time because the organizational system isn't easily sustainable for them.

Options for garage storage include workbenches, wall storage systems, and ceiling trays for holding boxes. Just remember not to create an excess of storage space, or you may accumulate stuff just to fill it up.

Designate Spots for All Possessions

Once new storage systems are in place and any possessions have been thinned out, it's time to designate a home for your belongings. By creating a place for everything, homeowners will be able to reduce clutter and stay on top of cleaning.

To make this easier, store frequently used items like home improvement tools in more easily accessible locations, while storing less important items like holiday decorations in less accessible spots. Consider a labeling system to avoid digging through boxes to find the right ones.

Cleaning the garage is a hard task, but your home and your life will be better for it once it's done. Get started today and enjoy a clean, organized garage you can use for storage and anything else you need.

Justin Havre

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