Black Mountain Kelowna: 4 Reasons to Love Black Mountain

Posted by Dave Kotler on Thursday, April 13th, 2023 at 11:30am.

Why Should You Love Living in Black Mountain?

Black Mountain is a quiet neighbourhood in eastern Kelowna near the Rutland community. This area's homes range from affordable to luxurious, and residents enjoy various outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, playing golf, skiing, and riding snowmobiles. They also benefit from excellent views and a large regional park—not to mention that the community is a relatively short distance from downtown Kelowna shopping destinations and employment. Here are five more reasons why people love living in Black Mountain.

Beautiful Homes with Beautiful Views

Numerous Black Mountain residents can enjoy panoramic mountain and lake views. In addition to fantastic scenery, the neighbourhood's hillside homes provide luxury features and roomy living quarters. Many properties span 1,800 to 4,500 square feet; most contain three to six bedrooms and at least three bathrooms. Some of the more costly properties offer five-acre lots.

Black Moutain homes priced under $1 million tend to come with about one-quarter acre. The majority of this area's dwellings were built after 1970, and most are single-family residences, but buyers can also find condos and townhomes in the area. Common house features include:

  • Pools, hot tubs
  • Recent renovations
  • Premium appliances
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Spacious lots

Homes for sale in Black Mountain frequently list for around $650,000 to $1.8 million. Golf course homes are usually condos or townhouses and typically command prices closer to $700,000. They do have community association fees but have more predictable expenses and don't require as much maintenance.

Near Excellent Golf Courses

Black Mountain is Near Several Golf Courses

Black Mountain provides easy access to several golf courses, and one of the closest options, the privately owned Black Mountain Golf Course, is located at 575 Black Mountain Drive. Considered one of the best golf courses in Kelowna, this popular destination has a 6,400-yard course with 18 holes and is known for its scenery, cliffs, and island green. It also features a restaurant called The Grill, an eatery serving salads, soups, beer, wine, desserts, and more. Visitors may dine on the patio while savouring top-notch views. The club occasionally schedules special events, such as a New Year's Eve party with champagne and live music.

Golfers can find another privately owned course at 4320 Gallagher's Drive West. Gallagher's Canyon features beautiful views, a restaurant, and two courses with 27 holes total. It hosts the annual GolfBC Championship event and offers various yearly memberships and passes. A Pinnacle Annual Pass provides unlimited access to the nine-hole Pinnacle course, and players can also improve their skills by taking lessons at Golf Academy. The Canyon Bar and Grill's menu includes seafood, beef, wine, beer and cocktails, striving to use local produce when feasible. Members may rent the Gallagher's Canyon banquet room for private events.

Balance Privacy & Access to Amenities

Black Mountain's isolated location gives it a quieter and more private atmosphere. Residents don't have to contend with heavy traffic and can easily reach Highway 33 when they want to visit areas with more amenities. Motorists only need to drive about six kilometres to reach a pharmacy and small grocery store in the Rutland district, while the distance to downtown Kelowna is just under 15 kilometres. Downtown businesses offer dining, live music, and lake access.

Plus, Black Mountain residents only travel around 10 kilometres to shop at a Costco wholesale club or the Orchard Park Shopping Centre. This mall hosts 160 retail, dining, and service businesses, so customers can find almost anything they desire. Orchard Park ranks among the top 10 biggest shopping centres in British Columbia.

Easy Access to Trails

Black Mountain is Near Numerous Trails

Black Mountain residents can quickly reach an assortment of hiking trails. One of the more challenging options is Black Knight Mountain, a trail on Swainson Road extending almost 17 kilometres. It ends at the summit, where hikers enjoy spectacular views.

Those who prefer easier hikes can find the Ephemeral Pond and Coyote trails at Black Mountain's regional park, both paths measuring about 1.9 kilometres long. The park's Grassland and Hoodoo trails are shorter but somewhat more difficult. Hikers see tall rocks, fields, wildflowers, animals, and lake views as they explore this green space.

Black Mountain Regional Park began serving visitors in 2014. It spans 640 hectares in an area mainly consisting of grasslands. Spring is an excellent time to hike the trails because many flowers bloom.

Black Mountain residents also enjoy many other recreational activities in the Okanagan Valley, such as skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and boating. Nearby Okanagan Lake offers numerous water activities, beaches, and marinas, and locals only spend around 40 minutes on the road before reaching Big White Ski Resort.

Quiet, Fun & Practical Black Mountain

People often must choose between big-city amenities, outdoor recreation, or quiet rural living. Fortunately, Black Mountain, Kelowna, brings all of these things together. Residents can reach five golf courses without driving more than 10 kilometres and don't need to travel far to hike, ski, or launch boats. This secluded neighbourhood provides access to the amenities of a major city within 15 kilometres, and many residents enjoy living in recently built homes with excellent views and spacious hillside lots.

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