What will you Discover at the Kasugai Japanese Garden?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at 10:49am.


The Kasugai Japanese Garden is a beautiful garden in Kelowna located at Queensway and Water Street. It’s an amazing experience that you can enjoy from March 1st until October 31st annually. It’s free to visit and is found behind the Bennett Fountain on Queensway near the downtown covering three acres of land.

It’s not too far from the Railway Station and lies within a walled enclosure next to the City Hall of Kelowna. Stop in to see the pond, waterfall and stone garden to be built as part of a sister-city relationship with Kasugai, Japan. Here is a look at what you’ll discover at the Garden.

About Kasugai Japanese Garden

It was named for the sister city of Kasugai, Japan and was intended to offer a tranquil environment for visitors. It features traditional elements of Japanese gardens like pine trees, a waterfall, a pond and stone lanterns. To represent the friendship between Kelowna and Kasugai since 1981, the garden was completed in 1987 and is now home to small wedding ceremonies, a place to stroll with the family and a place to take photos.

In Kasugai, recognition of the friendship came in the form of dedicating a street to Kelowna. The street was named “Kelowna Boulevard” at a ceremony in October if 1983. A sculpture called “The Sails” created by Kelowna’s Dow Reid was placed along the boulevard with a stream running through it.

What to expect

Hidden away from street views, this beautiful garden is a hidden gem that you’d have to access by walking by the large Bennett Fountain down a tree-lined path between the walls and the City Hall to reach the wooden gates marked by the dedication plaque.

Once you reach the garden, it’s full of diverse people and animals, people drinking out of the bamboo fountains, children strolling the paths, people sitting by the stream watching the ducks, koi and chipmunks and people just enjoying their everyday lives with a stop in the park. You’ll see beautiful stone, water, plants, walls, paths and people at the garden.

Check out the beautiful Kasugai Japanese Garden next time you want to get outdoors and feel like you’ve been transported to Japan.

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