Best Neighbourhoods in Kelowna: Kelowna, BC Community Living Guide

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Kelowna Best Neighbourhoods

Living in Kelowna is an experience unlike any other. The Okanagan lifestyle prizes natural beauty, relaxed living, convenient amenities, and architecture as stunning as the scenic views surrounding it. Selecting the right neighbourhood for an upcoming move can seem overwhelming for many people because there are so many great options to choose from.

The following information explores prominent Kelowna neighbourhoods and the amenities, benefits, and overall costs of each. Here, future residents can discover which of the best neighbourhoods in Kelowna could be their best fit.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain Amenities

  • World-class golf course
  • Stunning lake and valley views
  • Hiking and snowmobiling trails with easy access
  • Outdoor adventure centre
  • Multiple wineries
  • Big White Ski Resort

Black Mountain is located just East of Kelowna proper and is named for its dark, volcanic soil. Featuring stunning views, just beyond Black Mountain lies the Joe Rich neighbourhood, which offers winding, scenic roads and expansive farmlands that Black Mountain residents can visit.

Black Mountain offers a majority of single-family homes that have been renovated or newly built, positioned on generous lots with fenced-in back yards and beautifully landscaped fronts. There are a few condo and townhome options close to the neighbourhood golf course, but the majority of homes are standalone dwellings. Many homes showcase stunning architecture, and the gorgeous views make Black Mountain one of the most desirable neighbourhoods to live in.

For the ultimate convenience of living close to Kelowna and everything the Okanagan area has to offer without giving up suburban comforts, Black Mountain is an excellent choice.

Black Mountain Hotspots

Black Mountain Shopping

  • Willow Park Shopping Centre
  • Hollywood Station
  • Plaza 33

Black Mountain Nightlife

Black Mountain Cafés

Shannon Lake

Shannon Lake Amenities

  • Stunning mountain and lake views
  • Convenient West Kelowna location
  • Fishing and other light water activities
  • Multiple regional parks
  • Shannon Lake Golf Course

Shannon Lake is considered top-tier West Kelowna living. This stunning area sits across the Okanagan Lake from downtown Kelowna but allows for easy access to Kelowna proper when residents want to enjoy everything city life offers. The average home price in Shannon Lake is around $800,000, but houses typically sell for less — around $735,000. Townhomes tend to be less expensive, listing for about $650,000 but selling for $475,000. Condos are even more affordable in the Shannon Lake area, listing for $440,000 on average but selling for about $350,000.

The highlight of the Shannon Lake neighbourhood is naturally the lake itself, which is surrounded by relatively modest single-family homes. Houses in the area typically feature three to five bedrooms and one to two baths, and are placed on attractive, conveniently located lots. Some homes are new builds and feature modern architectural design. There may also be some newer homes listed for around $1 million.

Shannon Lake Hotspots

Shannon Lake Shopping

  • Shannon Lake Convenience Store
  • Walmart Supercentre

Shannon Lake Nightlife

Shannon Lake Restaurants

North Glenmore

North Glenmore Amenities

Established in the early 1990s, North Glenmore is one of the most popular Kelowna neighbourhoods. It offers a tight-knit community feel with convenient access to the city's amenities. The neighbourhood is close to trails, orchards, and farmland, giving residents of North Glenmore the best of both worlds: a quiet setting with a short 10-minute drive to city life.

The homes in North Glenmore are generally more affordable than houses in equally distinguished but more affluent neighbourhoods. The average listed single-family home price here is approximately $700,000, however, houses tend to sell for a little more, usually around $725,000. Townhomes and condos in the area are even more affordable, selling for around $500,000 and $220,000, respectively. North Glenmore has easy access to the Kelowna National Airport, making travel within and outside of Canada a breeze.

North Glenmore Hotspots

North Glenmore Shopping

North Glenmore Nightlife

North Glenmore Cafés

  • Starbucks

North Glenmore Restaurants

West Kelowna Estates

West Kelowna Estates Amenities

West Kelowna Estates is only five minutes from the West Kelowna city centre. It lies nestled in the foothills of the Rose Valley Regional Park, where residents enjoy scenic outdoor recreational activities. The area boasts a wide variety of amenities designed for the convenience and engagement of its residents. Because it's located so close to the heart of the city, West Kelowna Estates residents can enjoy both scenic, natural views and the excitement of city life.

The neighbourhood offers mostly single-family homes that vary widely in price, typically between $600,000 and $1.5 million depending on the location, size, and features of the home. Houses are built on pristine grounds, often tucked into their own spaces, giving residents the feeling of privacy without having to be isolated. Most homes feature contemporary designs and modern architecture, with expansive windows that allow for unfiltered views of the Okanagan Lake.

West Kelowna Estates Hotspots

West Kelowna Estates Shopping

West Kelowna Estates Nightlife

West Kelowna Estates Cafés

West Kelowna Estates Restaurants

Kettle Valley

Kettle Valley Amenities

Kettle Valley is a master-planned neighbourhood that has been developed and executed exactly as designed to create a place to live unlike any other in the Okanagan Valley. The neighbourhood was established in 1996 and has earned the coveted title of Canada's Best Community. It is located next to the Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park in Kelowna's southern hills.

The sense of community and camaraderie in Kettle Valley is arguably one of the top reasons why people move to the area. Neighbours gather frequently for both formally organized and informal events, and almost everyone knows each other enough to say hello when passing by. Kettle Valley is designed with walking and biking trails to make commuting without adding to one's carbon footprint as easy as possible. Landscaping is pristine, and residents report that they feel a sense of belonging and "home" in Kettle Valley that they haven't experienced elsewhere.

Kettle Valley Hotspots

Kettle Valley Shopping

  • GotStylz

Kettle Valley Cafés


Wilden Amenities

  • Upper Canyon Open Space
  • Blair Pond
  • Lochview Trail

The most expansive master-planned community in Kelowna is Wilden, a beautifully developed sanctuary that balances convenience, amenities, and the beauty of nature. Wilden is roughly a ten-minute drive from downtown Kelowna, making it easy to commute or travel for shopping, dining, and nightlife. However, there are many amenities right within the neighbourhood that residents can enjoy without going too far from the comforts of their home.

Wilden is developed around the preservation of natural wetlands in the area, placing a primary focus on sustainable and energy-efficient home construction. The neighbourhood has lots available that can be built upon, or existing townhomes and single-family homes for purchase. Townhomes in Wilden are highly desirable and range from 2,000 to 3,600 square feet. They begin at approximately $725,000 and can increase in price, depending on the location of the home and its unique features.

Lower Mission

Lower Mission Amenities

The Lower Mission neighbourhood has a lot to offer its residents. Located in the Southern side of the city, Lower Mission is just a few minutes drive from downtown Kelowna and Okanagan Lake.

Lower Mission features condos and townhomes for purchase that have been beautifully designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Condos may go for $350,000 depending on their location and features, while some properties near the lake cost well over $3 million. The average cost of a home with three or more bedrooms in Lower Mission ranges between $800,000 and $1 million.

For most residents, the investment is well worth it, as Lower Mission is expertly planned to offer the quintessential Okanagan lifestyle and is a beautiful place to call home.

Lower Mission Hotspots

Lower Mission Shopping

Lower Mission Nightlife

Lower Mission Cafés

Find the Right Kelowna Neighbourhood

Home buyers can be sure that there is a perfect Kelowna neighbourhood for them, no matter what amenities they are looking for. Choosing between the best place to live is hard, so buyers should take the time to visit each neighbourhood and take a drive around, look at the houses in the area, the natural landscape, stores and restaurants, schools, fitness centres, and other important factors that play a role in their day-to-day lifestyle.

If the opportunities in Kelowna excite you, contact the agents at at 250-999-9844 to get in touch with a local real estate agent who can help you find the perfect home in Kelowna today.

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