Home Improvements and Upgrades: Hire a Professional or DIY?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 at 10:26am.

Home Improvements and Upgrades: Hire a Professional or DIY?Homeowners considering taking on a few projects around the house may be wondering if they can handle it themselves with a few tools and perhaps a set of helping hands. Of course, many are also wondering how to know when to hire a professional contractor for certain complex or high-risk home upgrades. Before heading to the hardware store or searching for contractors, take these aspects into consideration.

Evaluating DIY Capabilities

By taking an honest assessment of their skills before undertaking any project, Rutland North homeowners can determine if they have ‘the right stuff' to successfully complete the work. Essential questions one should ask themselves include:

  • What skill level is required, and do I have it what it take?
  • How much do I really enjoy getting physical for home upgrades?
  • Do I have the patience and persistence to get it done?
  • How well do I understand the steps and processes of this particular project?
  • Can I do this alone, or do I need skilled labor assistance?

One of the biggest mistakes that a DIY-eager owner can do is overestimate their handyman abilities.

Timing Considerations

It's easy to underestimate just how time consuming and encompassing even seemingly small projects can turn out to be. When it comes to DIY endeavours, be prepared to sacrifice time with the family and face potential stress in relationships during the project, whether for standard updates or full energy efficient upgrades. Also, inexperienced do-it-yourselfers may want to double or triple time estimates and consider any repercussions if the project isn't completed for a while. Additionally, consider that if the work goes awry or goes beyond your capabilities, many contractors are hesitant to take on botched jobs.

Tools and Supplies

Are the right tools for the home project ready to go in the garage or will purchasing or renting them be necessary? Is there a convenient way to get any materials and large supplies to the home, and where will they be sourced from? Know in advance what supplies are needed and have a strategy in place to get them to the site. Getting familiar with the tools and supplies involved before getting started is a wise idea.

Permits and Building Codes

Laws, regulations and managed community guidelines often require homeowners to get local permits and meet specific building codes prior to beginning certain types of projects. There are even locales that require many projects to be completed by a licensed, insured and bonded contractor. Understanding these regulations prior to swinging a hammer is highly advisable.

Safety First

Tasks such as electrical work and roofing can be highly risky, so those with no experience might want to get an expert to assist with these dangerous projects. No home improvement project is worth risking serious injuries, as fatalities can result from improper processes performed by a well meaning DIY owner. Make health and safety priority number one.

Financial Factors

Many individuals simply want to give the DIY route a try to stay within their home remodeling budget. However, doing so could ultimately end up costing more if unexpected repairs are needed or if the job takes a wrong turn. Also, consider how much it will actually cost after obtaining materials, tools and factoring in any delivery charges. It can often be worthwhile to let an expert handle the job.

Considering making some home improvements and aren't sure which direction to take? Speak with a local contractor or real estate professional for more guidance concerning your remodeling plans.

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