Things to Do in Kelowna: Kelowna, BC Places to Go and Things to Do

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Things to Do in Kelowna

Kelowna is a popular city in the Okanagan Valley, nestled in the southern hills of British Columbia, Canada. Surrounding the area is thick pine forests, bountiful orchards and vineyards, and quaint provincial parks. Many Kelowna citizens feel it's an engaging community, offering something for anyone who moves to Kelowna.

The following options are some of the top things to do in Kelowna. Whether people enjoy waterfront recreational activities, music, theatre, or dining and nightlife, they'll find it here either in the city or just outside it.

Kelowna Outdoor Adventures

Kelowna offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for people of all ages, including parks, water recreation, and trails for walking, hiking, and biking. Don't forget the golfing, including courses like Tower Ranch Golf Club, which is one of the best golf courses in British Columbia. For those visiting the area or considering becoming a permanent resident, there is a wealth of fun and exciting outdoor entertainment options to discover in Kelowna.


Parks in Kelowna

  • Kelowna City Park
  • Mission Creek Regional Park
  • Bear Creek Provincial Park
  • Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

There is no shortage of expansive parks in Kelowna. No matter what someone is looking for in a park, be it somewhere to walk the dog or to spend a day-long hiking excursion, they'll find it at one of the many gorgeous parks in the area.

Beach-front parks include Kelowna City Park, Waterfront Park, Tugboat Beach, Bear Creek Provincial Park, Trader's Cove, Stuart Park, Hot Sands Beach, Cold Sands Beach, Royal Avenue Beach Access Park, Strathcona Beach Park, Kinsmen Park, and Raymer Bay Regional Park. Regional parks in the area include Bertram Creek Regional Park, Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park, Mill Creek Regional Park, Mission Creek Greenway, and more.

Water Recreation

Water Activities in Kelowna

  • Boating
  • Jest skiing
  • Fishing
  • Kite surfing
  • Tubing

Kelowna water activities are plentiful due to its location directly on the East and West banks of the Okanagan Lake. The following are just some activities people can find to enjoy the sparkling blue waters of one of Canada's favourite and most frequented lakes.

For those who enjoy boating, the lake is the perfect place for sailing, luxury boating, pontoon boating, speed and jet boating, yachts, and tiki or barbecue boats. For those who would rather be pulled behind a boat, there are plenty of opportunities for waterskiing, water tubing, wakeboarding, belly boarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and parasailing.

Those looking for something more relaxed can try swimming, having a beach-front picnic, paddleboarding, canoeing, fishing, or taking a lakefront cruise.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Trails in Kelowna

  • Lochview Trail
  • Crawford Falls
  • Glenmore Ridge Trail
  • Vapour Trail

With its extensive hills and mountains, Kelowna is a great place for mountain biking enthusiasts to challenge themselves on one of the many area trails. Even novices can find easier trails that are just as fun and exciting! The city also has an extensive network of separated pathways and bike lanes, one of the most robust for a city of its size in Canada.

The most challenging Kelowna hiking trails include Myra-Bellevue: Vapour Trail, Myra Bellevue: Angel Springs/KLO Creek Trail, and Rose Valley: Jabbarocky + Rock Candy. Novice trails include Mission Creek Greenway, Waterfront Boardwalk, and Rails With Trails.

Regardless of what someone's favourite outdoor activities are, they are sure to find something for themselves and everyone in their group to love in Kelowna. Whether they want to relax in the sun on the beach on a quiet afternoon, or would rather spend the day working up a sweat on the trail, people will find no shortage of outdoor activities and excursions designed for maximum enjoyment.

Kelowna Shopping

Shopping in Kelowna

Shopping Centres in Kelowna

  • Orchard Park Shopping Centre
  • Mission Park Shopping Centre
  • Orchard Plaza Shopping Centre
  • Dilworth Shopping Centre
  • Capri Centre

There's also a plethora of unique and convenient shopping centres in Kelowna, making it a great place for people to engage in some good, old-fashioned retail therapy. Even if people shop 'til they drop, they'll still need more than one day to make it through all the shopping the city has to offer.

Orchard Park Shopping Centre is a traditional single-level shopping mall experience with chain retail outlets and a food court. For those who prefer shopping outdoors, Kelowna has a number of strip malls, such as Mission Park Shopping Centre, Orchard Plaza Shopping Centre, Dilworth Shopping Centre, and Capri Centre.

Mission Park Shopping Centre features boutiques, wine and liquor stores, and grocery and pet food shops. The Orchard Plaza Shopping Centre is a smaller-sized outdoor shopping area with fitness and sports equipment stores, vitamins and health food shops, and restaurants. Dilworth Shopping Centre is an outdoor shopping plaza with necessities and a few restaurants, while Capri Centre features an eclectic mix of retail outlets and snack shops.

Those who prefer to shop downtown won't want to miss The District on Bernard. This downtown shopping area spans several blocks and includes mostly boutique and speciality stores.

Kelowna Restaurants

Restaurants in Kelowna

  • Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Shop
  • Raudz Regional Table
  • JOEY Kelowna
  • Salt & Brick
  • Central Kitchen + Bar
  • Antico Pizza Napoletana

Restaurants are plentiful in Kelowna, and no matter what type of cuisine someone has a taste for, the city's restaurants offer top-quality dining experiences.

Those who enjoy traditional fare can stop by the Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop for nearly any soup or sandwich they could want. Thai curry and dishes like Chicken Satay and Pad Thai are plentiful at Zabb Thai Restaurant and Bai Tong Thai Food. If sushi is one's go-to, they shouldn't miss dinner at Mabui Sushi Izakaya.

People can opt for a margarita with tacos or burritos at El Taquero Tacos & Tequila, or they can enjoy more traditional Mexican cuisine at the Cantina Del Centro Kelowna. Those who enjoy Indian dishes will definitely want to have lunch at Dosa Crepe Café or the Made in India Restaurant. Mediterranean eats like falafel and gyros can be enjoyed at Olympia Pizza and Greek Taverna and Yamas Restaurant, while the best places to visit for Italian fare include The Fixx Pasta Bar and Café, Antico Pizza Napoletana, La Bussola Restaurant, and Mamma Rosa.

Kelowna is famous for its nearby vineyards, so people shouldn't forget to have a glass with their favourite dishes at wine bars Basil & Mint and Waterfront Wines Restaurant & Bar. Those who would rather have a beer and a burger or steak should look for pubs like the Krafty Kitchen + Bar, BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery, and The Train Station Pub. Seafood choices include West Coast Grill + Oyster Bar, C-Lovers Fish & Chips, and The Table At Codfathers.

Arts & Culture in Kelowna

Those looking to expand their appreciation of arts and culture will find that Kelowna is a great place to get started or continue their journey. The following destinations are some excellent choices to see art, history, dance, and theatre.


Museums in Kelowna

  • Okanagan Heritage Museum
  • Okanagan Military Museum
  • Okanagan Wine & Orchard Museum

Museums can be a lot of fun for both children and adults, depending on the type of museum and the activities and exhibits that can be found there. The Okanagan Heritage Museum is arguably the area's most popular museum and features interactive exhibits that showcase local history and wildlife. The Okanagan Wine & Orchard Museum chronicles the history of winemaking in Kelowna and includes exhibits of cherry-pitting machinery and live beehives, while the Okanagan Military Museum features artifacts from the Cold War, the Korean War, World Wars I & II, and more.

Art Galleries

Art Galleries in Kelowna

  • Kelowna Art Gallery
  • Hambleton Galleries
  • Geert Maas Studio

Those interested in taking in the unique art and sculptures that can be found in Kelowna will want to visit the area's most popular art galleries. The Kelowna Art Gallery features over 700 donated works of art in the gallery's permanent collection, as well as new displays that are frequently updated. Hambleton Galleries is a contemporary art gallery with chic, modern seating and pieces of art that are available for purchase, for those looking to add to their new construction home or townhome. The Geert Maas Studio is the most popular gallery in Kelowna, featuring abstract bronze sculptures and multimedia art from Dutch artist Geert Maas.

Dance & Theatre

Performing Arts in Kelowna

  • Kelowna Dance & Performing Arts
  • Kelowna Community Theatre
  • Kelowna Actors Studio

Kelowna residents and visitors alike enjoy the area's arts and theatre scene. Kelowna Dance & Performing Arts is a high-energy, award-winning performing arts studio that not only offers classes for dancers and artists but also features seasonal shows that the community can attend. The Kelowna Community Theatre is open to aspiring actors of all ages and routinely puts on plays and other productions.

Whether people just want to spend a quiet day browsing art galleries or marvelling at local history and artifacts or want to take in a dynamic and exciting show, they'll find what they're looking for in Kelowna's arts, dance, and culture scene.

Kelowna Nightlife

Nightlife in Kelowna

Bars, Music, and Clubs in Kelowna

  • The Train Station Pub
  • O'Flannigan's Pub
  • Sapphire Nightclub
  • Lounge 316
  • The House

Like other major cities in British Columbia and across Canada, Kelowna has a bustling nightlife scene.

The Sapphire Nightclub is one of the most popular areas for the nighttime crowd and is a contemporary, chic nightclub featuring high-energy music, VIP seating and service, dancing, and frequent special events. The Liquid Zoo is in the heart of downtown Kelowna, where people can enjoy VIP service or take part in one of their regular special events.

For those looking for something more laid back, The OK Corral Cabaret is a saloon-style nightclub that features country music, a mechanical bull, and American line dancing. Attire is comfortable jeans and cowboy boots.

O'Flannigan's Pub is a great place for both serious eats and exciting nightlife, and it stays open late for comedy jams, live music, and karaoke, depending on the night. The Arcade Audio Lounge is an excellent place to spend the night dancing and having a good time playing old-school arcade games.

Things to Do in Shuswap

About two hours north of Kelowna, Shuswap offers a lot to see and do. You can stroll through meadows, walk through trails with your family, and even enjoy some of the cafes around. Shuswap is a great escape and can be a great romantic getaway or a night on the town.

Take advantage of the wines and the wineries here that come from vineyards you can tour. You can take off your work shoes, put on your flip-flops, and enjoy the numerous things there are to do here.

Outdoor Adventures

This has become a four-season destination and has many outdoor things you can do. Some of the activities allow you to see some of the beauty the area has to offer. Each season offers specific activities that you can partake in. Some of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy include:

  • Ziplines
  • Skydiving
  • Sleigh rides
  • Snowboarding
  • Rafting
  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Skiing
  • Horseback riding and more

Arts and Culture

Shuswap has become home to hundreds of artisans and other talented artists. There are theatre performances and events that take place regularly. Enjoy art galleries and art studios that allow you to enjoy eye-appealing art in the art galleries. You can also enjoy seeing portraits, quilts, photographers, painters, potters and even sculptors.


If you are more into history and museums, you can see a few things while in Shuswap. There is a rich history in the area, and museums do a fabulous job of displaying this history and documenting it. Some museums will help you understand how the community was shaped, and you can find several brochures and more that will show you the hot spots in the area.

Have Fun in Kelowna, British Columbia

With so much to see and do when you move to Kelowna, there's rarely ever a dull moment. People of all ages will find activities they enjoy, from getting outside and going to the lake or hitting the trails to shopping, dining, and taking part in the city's high-energy nightlife. They will love feeling like they have something new to choose from every day, whether it's a restaurant they haven't tried yet or a waterfront excursion they're ready to try.

If the opportunities in Kelowna excite you, contact the agents at at 250-999-9844 to get in touch with a local real estate agent who can help you find the perfect home in Kelowna today.

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