13 Most Famous Kelowna, BC Restaurants [2022 Dining Guide]

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Best Restaurants in Kelowna

Kelowna is famous for its Okanagan Lake views and numerous wineries, but the restaurant scene isn't to be skipped over. It's easy for residents to find the kind of food they love at all price levels. Whether you're thinking about moving to Kelowna or are simply visiting, here are some of the best restaurants in Kelowna to maximize your enjoyment.

Okanagan Street Food

Popular Dishes at Okanagan Street Food

  • Omelette
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Candied Salmon Risotto Fritters
  • Baked Mac & Cheese
  • Seared Fish Taco
  • Short Rib Sandwich

Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, in an unpretentious, rustic building is a wonderfully unique restaurant and market known as Okanagan Street Food that appeals to the fine diner who enjoys a multi-course meal or the casual diner that enjoys the simple meal of meat and potatoes. Okanagan Street Food's Market allows patrons to purchase delicious items and enjoy them in the comfort of their homes.

The owner of Okanagan Street Food is Neil Schroeter. Customers will be inspired by the fresh and flavorful focus of the restaurant. Mr. Schroeter's culinary education and experience are very impressive and displayed by the magic he creates in the kitchen.

Okanagan Street Food Additional Information

Micro Bar & Bites

Popular Dishes at Micro Bar & Bites

  • The menu changes bi-monthly!

A downtown bar and restaurant, Micro is known as a great place for a drink and a bite to eat. It's found in just a small 900 square foot space, which has been constructed of reclaimed wood. This unique spot provides a wooden chandelier above with grey stone walls and beautiful decor. The menu includes plenty of European flavour within the food, beer, cocktails and wine. The menu is full of tapas, which change with the season.

Along with the tapas menu, you can enjoy plenty of creative cocktails and barrel-aged top-shelf spirits on the menu. Just like the tapas menu, the bar menu provides an ever-changing selection of wines and beers.

Happy hour is daily from 3–6 p.m., where you can get Throwback cocktails for $8. Other happy hour specials may be available on a seasonal basis.

Micro Bar & Bites Additional Information

Bouchons Bistro

Popular Dishes at Bouchons Bistro

  • Les Huitres
  • La Bouillabaisse
  • Le Cassoulet
  • Crevettes et Noix de Saint Jacques
  • Classic Steak Tartare
  • Spaghetti à la Sauce aux Truffes

Bouchons Bistro is a classic French bistro located in the heart of Kelowna's cultural district. This elegant restaurant opened in 2004 and has become a local favourite. It's just two minutes away from Delta Grand Hotel, making it a favourite for the traveller as well.

You'll find comfort food with their French menu and elegant European ambiance. Enjoy international cuisine in your own town of Okanagan Valley. It's had over ten years of excellence at its location at Water across from Prospera Place. It's a first-class French cuisine at bistro prices in an elegant atmosphere. The former owners of Vancouver's 'Café de Paris' opened up Bouchons in 2004, where they now work their magic alongside Paris-trained Chef Luc Bissonetter.

You'll find an 800 bottle climate-controlled cellar inside the beautiful restaurant and three certified sommeliers on site. Enjoy beautiful red leather booths, wooden seats, white linen tablecloths and French architectural design and artwork.

They feature their patio dining from May through October, which is covered and heated. It's recommended to make a reservation, especially on weekends, and they do not suggest bringing children under five years old. Valet parking is available on hockey game nights, and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

Bouchons Bistro Additional Information

RauDZ Regional Table

Popular Dishes at RauDZ Regional Table

  • Panfried Handmade Parmesan Gnocchi
  • Grilled Sockeye Salmon Signature BLT
  • Bison Bavette
  • Rossdown Farms Turkey Breast Piccata
  • Chicken Confit Poutine
  • Chocolate Caramel Crunch

RauDZ Regional Table offers a unique experience when it comes to dining out. This pristine establishment is housed in a heritage structure that is 106 years old. This eatery focuses on bringing people together. There is a stunning 21-foot long table meant for people to gather and engage in conversation. This table is a focal point of the restaurant, as it is beautifully crafted from pine. The base of the table will make you think of the Kettle Valley trestles. It is not put together with nails or screws. It is put together with mortise, dowels and tenons. Will Brundula was the artist who constructed this masterpiece.

The bar top in the RauDZ Regional Table is made from fir, which came from Vancouver Island. It is a stunning 28 feet long. The decor is unique, as there are chalkboards with quotes from famous individuals. They are displayed around the kitchen, which is entirely glassed-in.

The photographs that are displayed around the restaurant are suppliers, which provide the ingredients for the tasty treats you can get at RauDZ Regional Table. The philosophy is, "support local, buy local, eat and drink local." They pride themselves on being organic and offer the freshest ingredients possible. Suppliers are all local farmers, and the flavour is never hindered with chemical-induced preservatives.

RauDZ Regional Table Additional Information

Salt & Brick

Popular Dishes at Salt & Brick

  • The menu is always changing!

If you want a new place to check out for brunch, lunch or even dinner, consider the Salt & Brick, which was initially named Salted Brick. The chef at this restaurant focuses his efforts on making food that comes straight from the farms in the area as well as artisans. Chef Jason Leizert brings a new twist to the downtown Kelowna area, and with handcrafted meals, you can enjoy a meal that is truly amazing. The meat that is used is free from hormones, antibiotics and is locally sourced.

This restaurant is located near the Paramount Theatres and offers wooden bench seating and small tables, allowing for a more intimate atmosphere. This allows your lunch or brunch meetings to be more intimate and personal, which is great if you have a business meal to close a deal.

This restaurant is putting a new face on the area and is bringing in a new way of enjoying homegrown food. The meat is free from chemicals, which many people want to avoid these days.

Salt & Brick Additional Information

Made in India

Popular Dishes at Made in India

  • Chaat Papdi
  • Butter Naan
  • Biryani with Raita
  • Mango Chicken
  • Beef Curry
  • Paneer Makhani

Located on K.L.O. Road in Kelowna is a fantastic restaurant called Made in India. Operating hours are seven days a week from 11 am to 9 pm. Take-out and delivery are also available.

The chefs and owners have over 14 years of experience and know what it takes to provide the most delicious, authentic food. Their goal is to create an exceptional experience for each customer that enters. They want you to have an unforgettable meal with the ones you love or with co-workers.

The waiter or waitress will be happy to make recommendations for your choice of main dishes. They're friendly and welcoming, and the dining area is pristinely clean. There is plenty of parking, and they welcome special event parties. Please call ahead if you have a large party so that they can create the perfect night for you.

Made in India Additional Information

Joey Kelowna

Popular Dishes at Joey Kelowna

  • Steak + Lobster Ravioli
  • Seared Salmon Sushi
  • Impossible Burger
  • Baja Fish Tacos
  • Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Steak with Peppercorn Sauce

Joey Kelowna is a restaurant with a single goal in mind – to provide their customers with the ultimate dining experience. They are able to do this by travelling the world in order to discover bold flavours. Then, they use these flavours to turn them into signature recipes at their own dining establishment. This is a dining establishment with people who believe you cannot capture perfection if you limit yourself to your own backyard. You have to get out in the world.

When you eat here, you are eating the food of people who are a master at crafting the perfect meal. These people believe in delivering their customers a memorable experience every time they come in and order a meal. Each room in the dining establishment is vibrant and clean.

Like most of the members who work for Joey Kelowna, the CEO and President Jeff Fuller started his incredible journey by washing dishes, flipping burger patties, and sweeping parking lots. Jeff Fuller believes that the fact that he started the same way as everyone else is the reason why his business is such a success. He learned the way the business works from the ground up. He was able to put together a team of hard-working individuals who are committed to making the customers happy.

Today, there are several Joey Kelowna's scattered throughout Canada. Each one offers a unique experience, but you can expect the same great service and delicious food regardless of which one you go to.

Joey Kelowna Additional Information

Kaede Sushi

Popular Dishes at Kaede Sushi

  • Fried Cheese Gyoza
  • Agedashi Tofu
  • MABUI Chicken Katsu
  • Ginger Miso Pork Saute
  • Gyu Shabu
  • Ahi Tuna Wasabi Aeh
  • Orange Bay Scallop
  • White Sesame Panna Cotta

Kaede Sushi, previously known as Mabui Sushi Izakaya, is Kelowna's authentic Japanese restaurant. It's the place to go for legit Japanese dishes, including sushi, tempura, sashimi, seafood, and more. It's the perfect place for a romantic date night or a special occasion, and they regularly host company parties.

Share your dish with your party as they are large portions and want you to feel the warmth of their hospitality during your visit. They offer the number one selling beer in Japan by draft as well, which is the only place in Okanagan Valley that you can enjoy it. If you're in the mood for sushi night, check out Kaede Sushi.

Kaede Sushi Additional Information

Momo Sushi Kelowna

Popular Dishes at Momo Sushi Kelowna

  • Sunomono Salad
  • Prawn Tempura
  • Beef Short Rib Teriyaki
  • Chirashi Donburi
  • Udon Soup
  • Eskimo Roll
  • Ogopogo Dragon Roll
  • Tuna & Salmon Sashimi

When most people think of Kelowna, they don't think of sushi. That's why people are often skeptical about trying Momo Sushi. But once they try it, they quickly realize Momo is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in all of Kelowna.

Momo Sushi wants to ensure everyone has a great experience when they visit. To ensure this happens, they have outlined a few things guests should understand before visiting the restaurant. The most important thing is how to place your chopsticks. If you are at a sushi bar, the chopsticks should be placed in front of you. Make sure they are parallel to the edge of the bar.

If you happen to place your chopsticks on your plate, be sure they are lying across the plate and not leaning on it. This is considered somewhat impolite.

Momo Sushi Kelowna Additional Information

Zabb Thai Restaurant

Popular Dishes at Zabb Thai Restaurant

  • Spring Rolls
  • Pad Thai with Shrimp
  • Chicken Galangal Soup
  • Chicken Cashews
  • Green Curry with Chicken
  • Panang Curry with Chicken

Looking for the best Thai food in Kelowna? If so, you will find it at Zabb Thai Restaurant. The food is absolutely delicious, and the service is fast and friendly.

Mon Chowchong, the owner of Zabb, is known for previously owning three very famous Thai restaurants in the Okanagan area. He decided to return for one reason: to create the best Thai restaurant Kelowna has ever had. It took just one year for Zabb to become one of the most popular Thai restaurants in Kelowna.

In Thai, the word Zabb means tasty and delicious. And when you eat here, that is exactly what you will get—food that is both tasty and delicious. As a matter of fact, the food here is so authentic you will feel like you are in Thailand.

If you aren't in the mood to come in and sit down, you can always grab it and go. Zabb will also deliver your food right to your door. Delivery is only available after 4:30 p.m. However, delivery is also available during lunch if you have a large order. The wait time for delivery is usually between 20 minutes and an hour. Be sure to call in advance so your order will be delivered by the time you need it.

Zabb Thai Restaurant Additional Information

Waterfront Wines Restaurant

Popular Dishes at Waterfront Wines Restaurant

  • Oysters
  • Assorted Cheese Board
  • Coconut Rice Cakes & Vegetable Curry
  • Risotto with Seared Scallops
  • Roasted Brant Lake Wagyu Top Sirloin
  • Lemon Cheesecake

It's all about great service and delicious food at the Waterfront Restaurant. All dishes are crafted with the freshest ingredients, as they buy from local farmers and producers. The Waterfront Restaurant has won recognition for its stunning menu options, which include their extensive wine, beer and cocktail options. Vancouver Magazine has awarded the Waterfront six consecutive years for the "Best Okanagan Restaurant."

They have a massive list of local providers that they deal with, and this results in the highest quality cuisines being served to patrons. Reservations can be made online or by phone, and gift cards are available upon request. Waterfront also offers catering for special events. They will create a menu that will accommodate your special occasion. Fill out the online request form to have a staff member contact you regarding your catering request.

The waterfront also offers a variety of cheeses, which are all pleasing to your palate. Their cheese selection includes Blue, Soft, Semi-Soft, Firm and Goat cheese. You are sure to find the cheese that you crave.

Waterfront Wines Restaurant Additional Information

The Fixx Cafe

Popular Dishes at The Fixx Cafe

  • Seared Scallops
  • Pacific Coast Salmon Filet Burger
  • Roasted Vegetable Foccacia
  • Italian Calabrese and Seafood Pasta
  • Mediterranean Pasta

The Fixx Cafe has been around for almost 20 years. One of the things that draw people in is the varied menu. It has several delicious entrees you can indulge in. As soon as you walk in the door, you will be greeted with a very warm and cozy atmosphere. The ambiance is casual yet very elegant at the same time. It's the perfect place to celebrate a life-changing occasion or to have a nice meal with the one you love.

The service here is exceptional. The staff is very friendly and gracious. You will feel like their special guest the moment you walk in the door. The patrons at The Fixx are just as friendly as the staff. Grab a seat at the bar, and you are sure to make a new friend or two.

The Fixx Cafe Additional Information

Home Block Restaurant

Popular Dishes at Home Block Restaurant

  • Menu changes daily!

Home Block Restaurant at CedarCreek Estate Winery, previously known as Vineyard Terrace Restaurant, is a great choice in the area for fine dining and wine tasting. It’s a great setting for enjoy the vineyard’s creations from the wine to the food while overlooking beautiful views.

It’s an open-air restaurant which means you can sit all over the vineyard and enjoy breath-taking views. Enjoy delicious food that falls into the farm-to-table philosophy and enjoy a glass of wine from the vineyards.

The winery is located 20 minutes from downtown Kelowna which makes it super easy to stop by throughout the week or on the weekends after a long work week. Check out their location on a hillside where you’ll enjoy beautiful views, the gorgeous garden and the overall immaculate grounds. You’ll enjoy an intimate experience and get some education during your visit.

Home Block Restaurant Additional Information

Enjoy the Foods of Kelowna, BC

After a day of experiencing all of the fun things to do in Kelowna, residents and visitors can head to one of Kelowna's many popular restaurants. From Thai to Indian and Japanese to French and everything in between, there's no shortage of meals to enjoy.

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