Living in Springfield/Spall: 8 Things to Know Before You Move

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Living in Springfield Spall Kelowna

Nestled in the heart of Kelowna lies the vibrant neighbourhood of Springfield/Spall, offering a blend of suburban charm and urban convenience. From its tree-lined streets and welcoming atmosphere to its proximity to essential amenities and recreational opportunities, the area offers all the benefits of living in Kelowna.

Whether you're drawn to its schools, bustling shopping centers, or serene parks and green spaces, this neighbourhood caters to diverse preferences. Explore the sights, sounds, and flavours of Springfield/Spall, and discover why it's a coveted destination for residents seeking a perfect balance of community and convenience.

Springfield/Spall Homes

Whether you seek a waterfront view, a luxury condo, or a cozy stand-alone bungalow, homes in Kelowna offer a diverse range of properties. From admiring the tranquil lake to being surrounded by majestic mountains, Kelowna's natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for your new home.

Homes for sale in Springfield/Spall typically start in the mid-$300s and reach upwards of $3 million, so there is a property for most budgets. Whether you are in the market for a two-bedroom bungalow or a luxurious home, you can find many options to meet your requirements.

Living in Springfield/Spall

Living in Springfield/Spall offers a vibrant and active lifestyle, with numerous artists' shops and exhibitions to explore. Nestled among lush mountains, Okanagan Lake provides a picturesque backdrop for your daily life. The summers here are long, hot, and dry, perfect for enjoying the plentiful water activities on Okanagan Lake, including water sports, fishing, and boating. As the season changes, the mild winters offer a different charm to the landscape.

With many vineyards and wineries in Kelowna and the surrounding area, weekends can be spent indulging in wine tasting and socializing. The fantastic weather supports sports like golf, making the area a golfer's paradise. The region boasts multiple golf courses with challenging designs and stunning views, providing the perfect setting for a round of golf with friends.

Enjoy diverse activities to enrich your lifestyle, whether you seek artistic inspiration, outdoor adventures, or leisurely wine tastings.

Transport at Springfield/Spall

Transport options at Springfield/Spall cater to many preferences and needs, offering convenient access to various modes of travel for residents and visitors alike. The neighbourhood is well-connected with Kelowna’s public transit system, Kelowna Regional Transit, providing daily services to West Kelowna, Lake Country, and beyond. You can easily check schedules online and book your rides for seamless transportation. Many residents embrace an active lifestyle by opting for bicycles and e-scooters as their preferred mode of travel. 

With easy access to the main highway, connecting to communities in the North and South is hassle-free. For those travelling further, Kelowna International Airport offers daily flights to various destinations, making it convenient for residents and visitors. Information on parking passes, traffic rules, and permits can be conveniently found on the website for easy reference.

Nearby Outdoor Activities 

Outdoor Activities in Kelowna

For those seeking outdoor activities, the neighbourhood offers a variety of options to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings. You can start by visiting Mission Creek Regional Park, one of Kelowna’s best parks. This beautiful natural area features walking and biking trails, picnic spots, and even a fish hatchery. If you prefer a more adventurous experience, Knox Mountain Park is perfect for hiking, offering stunning views of the city and Okanagan Lake from the summit.

  • Kasugai Gardens offers a peaceful Japanese garden featuring ponds, bridges, and lush greenery. 
  • Parkinson Recreation Park has soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, and a playground. 
  • Okanagan Lake is just a short drive away, where you can swim, paddleboard, or simply relax on the beach.

With these options nearby, you can easily immerse yourself in nature and stay active while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Dining and Shopping at Springfield/Spall

Indulge in a diverse culinary and shopping experience—where various restaurants and shops await your exploration. Kelowna's natural beauty sets the backdrop for an excellent dining scene, with award-winning chefs leading many restaurants and cafes. Located near Harvey Avenue and Orchard Park, Springfield/Spall offers multiple options for dining and shopping. For those interested in crafts and fresh ingredients, Kelowna's main farmers’ market is the place to be for local produce and crafts. 

Nearby, local favourites include: 

  • Kesai Teppanyaki Steak
  • Sushi House
  • Mon Thong Thai Restaurant
  • Fezziwigs
  • Bakery Cafe
  • Beanscene at Harvey Avenue

Nightlife enthusiasts can enjoy neighbouring Downtown Kelowna, known for its 700 shops, restaurants, and vibrant entertainment venues. Additionally, Springfield/Spall is close to Orchard Park, the largest shopping center in the area, offering over 170 shops with a wide array of products and brands to explore.

Things to Do Near Springfield/Spall

When exploring Kelowna’s best neighbourhoods, many of which surround Springfield/Spall, be sure to immerse yourself in a vibrant arts scene at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Enjoy contemporary and historical art exhibitions showcasing works by local, national, and international artists. Explore British Columbia's rich wine history at the BC Wine Museum & VQA Wine Shop. Sample some of the finest wines the region has to offer while learning about the winemaking process.

In addition to some of Kelowna’s top attractions, Springfield/Spall is convenient for culinary delights beyond just restaurants. Take a cooking class at a local culinary school to experience the flavours of the region firsthand. Learn how to cook with local ingredients under the guidance of professional chefs. Treat yourself to a day at one of Kelowna's luxury spas for ultimate relaxation. Unwind and rejuvenate with a variety of spa treatments tailored to your needs.

To discover the cultural heritage of the Okanagan Valley, tour the Okanagan Heritage Museum. Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits and collections that showcase the history and traditions of the region.

Employers Near Springfield/Spall

Being near Downtown Kelowna provides quick access to some of the largest employers in Kelowna. These include Okanagan College’s Kelowna campus and the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus. 

With such a strategic location, residents of Springfield/Spall have convenient access to various employment options, whether in education, aviation, or the bustling downtown business sector. Being situated near these prominent establishments allows for a balanced lifestyle—where work and leisure are easily accessible. The proximity of these employers enhances the appeal of living here, offering residents a convenient and vibrant environment to pursue their professional endeavours.

Schools in Springfield/Spall

Schools in Kelowna

Living in Springfield/Spall offers access to many of the schools in Kelowna—catering to all educational levels, from kindergarten to high school. 

  • Matheson Elementary on Gordon Drive serves students from kindergarten to sixth grade.
  • Immaculate Regional High School provides education for grades eight through twelve.
  • Kelowna Christian School is an all-encompassing institution offering programs from preschool to grade twelve. 
  • Kelowna Secondary School has English and French Immersion programs, providing options for a range of students.

Beyond these primary and secondary schools, educational institutions also cater to preschoolers, college students, and those pursuing higher education. Okanagan College and the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus, offer various courses for students moving from high school to post-secondary education. With such a diverse range of educational opportunities, Springfield/Spall assures that students of all ages have access to learning environments.

Enjoy Plenty of Amenities and Activities

Overall, Springfield/Spall—one of Kelowna’s most walkable neighbourhoods—offers a convenient and vibrant lifestyle with plenty of amenities and activities nearby. Whether you're looking for a new home, outdoor adventures, or great dining options, this area has something for everyone. With easy access to transportation, schools, and employment opportunities, this area is a great place to call home in the beautiful Okanagan region.

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